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I have written a lot recently regarding reality in spanking videos.  The truth is, if you try to keep all of the scenes you film completely real, after just a couple of months of filming, you begin to repeat yourself in the scenes you present to your audience.  As a result, I have always tried to mix it up and take traditional discipline and mix it in with a bit of the fantasy side.  On occasion, especially in the early days, I would try and film a scene that I feel is a accurate as possible.  I have discussed previously the fact that I grew up in Texas and that in my neighborhood the belt was the implement of choice.  As much as you would like to believe that corporal punishment in dealt out in a loving manner, with a good talk before and after, and more of a sense of love than anger, this was generally not the experience that the kids I grew up with went through.  A typical spanking in the 80’s in Texas meant an angry parent sending you off to your room and following right behind with a belt in hand.  For the most part there was no lecture, or a big “I am so disappointed in you” speech, it was more a matter of bending over, holding on tight, and getting your ass busted with a belt by a pissed off adult.

One of the videos that I have filmed that I feel is really close to the reality and emotions of traditional corporal punishment as it is actually practiced in the South and elsewhere, is a scene with Lady D and Brandi from the member’s area of  It is a little different than most of our videos, but in that sense, it is a result of it feeling very real.  Of the three or four spankings I witnessed growing up, just about everyone of them began exactly like this scene.  As I previously posted, the main flaw with the realism in this video is the fact that it starts on her jeans and then works its way to her bare bottom.  I funny note that is fitting for this post is what Brandi is being spanked with.  When I moved to Texas, after a week of school, it became clear that I was one of very few students that did not have a Western style belt.  I was trying to embrace the bubba lifestyle, so shortly after, my folks bought me a Western belt that actually had my name on it.  The belt that Brandi is being spanked with in this video is that exact belt.  It has seen a lot of use over the last ten years and the letters of my name have since fallen off, but if you look closely at the still photos in any of the videos in which this belt is used, you can see the faint outline of “Mike” in the center of the belt.  So instead of “how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop” we are faced with the question “how many licks to wear four letters off of a Western belt”?  The letters held up for close to a year, and then we began to lose one every month or two.

This week’s featured video is Brandi getting a very real and traditional “whuppin”.  Enjoy!

Brandi’s whuppin

From the member’s area of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/19 at 10:40 AM


It is a great scene and extremely realistic. I would vote for re-filming it and having her bare her bottom first!!!
Posted by  on  07/21  at  11:38 AM | #
That was a good old fashioned belt whipping. Brandi's fanny sure got whipped good. That's exactly what these spoiled kids of today need.
When I was a kid, my parents would give me the belt when I was bad.
That's how I spank my three kids. A few months ago my 14 year old daughter got caught smoking and I bent her over the bed and gave her the belt on her bare butt. I'm sure that will be the last time she ever smokes.
Posted by  on  07/21  at  03:25 PM | #
Yep, that was how I remember it, too. Very realistic. I hope we shall see more of that type of scene in the new shoots.
Posted by  on  07/22  at  01:10 AM | #
Wow, is all I can say after seeing that scene with Brandi. If you were trying to recreate a typical real punishment of an angry parent, I would say you came pretty damn close. Poor Brandi definitely got a "whuppin".

Thank you for sharing!!
Posted by  on  07/23  at  10:49 PM | #
I have loved that video from the first day it was posted, one of the best from any of the sites!
Posted by elimelech  on  07/28  at  12:12 PM | #
I think your comment about kids typically getting their butt beat by a pissed off parent is why so many people are against spanking. It is not discipline it is anger relief for the parents. I think I am one of the few people with a spanking fetish who also believes that spanking is useful and proper even if the kid can't sit down for three days. Mostly I have just heard spankings (other room) and only once can I say it was properly done. A friend of mines brother got lectured, reminded that he been told before not to do it and then he got one very hard lick that sent him crying to his room.

If I had witness something like this video at someone's house it would have bother me greatly. However knowing this all consensual I enjoyed the hell out of it.
Posted by  on  08/04  at  01:03 AM | #

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