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MySpace page is HERE username is Michael Masterson.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/20 at 11:04 AM


I am a spanko living in Japan with some ability in the Japanese language, and I have found a couple of Japanese spanking sites perhaps not accessible to English-speaking spankos. One is at this link: 

This site was set up a couple of years ago with no updates since, but definitely worth a look. As has been commented in this Blog, gallery pictures often don't convey the real pain and ugliness of physical discipline. This site does.

Click on the 4 thumbs at the top for small-frame amateur clips of a Japanese guy caning a bent-over woman in a hotel. She is obviously in pain and not enjoying it. The guy is quite insensitive and relentless.

Click on "Real Photo" 1-18 for graphic un-edited amateur pictures of rather hard punishment. These are not pretty but may be a turn-on for some. After you click, you will see thumbs at the top of the page. Click on those for mid-sized pictures. If you see "next" on some pages, click on that for more thumbs from the same session.

Sorry if this site has already been reviewed. I can still alert you to other obscure Japanese sites
Posted by  on  04/24  at  05:19 AM | #
I could not get this site to come up by clicking on the link in the blog. I'm afraid you will need to type it into your browser yourself.

Posted by  on  04/24  at  06:10 PM | #

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