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Kailee paddling preview

As most of you already know, one of our spanking stars from the Realspankings family of sites Kailee has been doing the rounds and has managed to have her bottom spanked, paddled, and caned all over the US and even in Europe.  Here is a preview video from a paddling she took for Firm Hand Spanking

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/18 at 11:25 AM


I've seen this video before but I just noticed that it looks like Kailee has something in both of her back pockets. I don't know if helped any or not.
Posted by  on  07/20  at  01:43 PM | #
When Chibob says Kailee has something in her pockets, I wonder if he's picking up on the same thing I am -- a distinct "clinking" noise when the paddle is tapped between the full swats. (I don't SEE anything in her pockets, so maybe that IS what Chibob is refering to.)

In any case, there IS a clinking sound, and I may be able to explain. I had the privilege of spanking Kailee at a Shadow Lane party. It was OTK, over her jeans, and the jeans had some sort of decoration on the pockets (I'm not an expert -- I don't know if they were sequins or rhinestones or what), so the irony was that the spanking probably hurt my palm (from hitting the hard decorations) more than her (legendarily-hard-to-impress) bottom.

Models usually are provided wardrobe by the studio they're shooting for, but not always, so these could be those same jeans! In any case, there IS visible decoration on the pockets, so I expect that's where the noise comes from. Unlike with my hand spanking, the decorations wouldn't discourage or diminish the vigor of a paddling. In fact, in the past we've seen patterns of seams transferred to a model's bottom by a paddle; I wonder if Kailee wound up with sequin (or whatever) marks on her bottom. Or, even more regrettable, if any of the sequins (or whatever) were dislodged by the paddling. (Her bottom would heal [it certainly has many times before!], but the jeans would be damaged forever.)
Posted by  on  07/21  at  02:35 AM | #

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