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Real Punishment in Spanking Videos

Do real punishment spanking actually exist in spanking videos?

The thing that people seem to request to see the most if our productions are scenes with a degree of realism incorporated into it.  Our interview based scenes are quickly gaining in popularity because people would rather see a scene in which there is no acting involved.  If I created a site that featured nothing but real punishments, it would quickly become one of the most popular on the web.  But, there are not too many situations that allow for a spanking production company to be in the situation to punish grown women for real life offenses.  So the question is, are there any real punishment scenes on spanking websites?  The answer is yes.  On our various websites, while not extremely common, we do have scenes that feature real discipline. 

This most often occurs with our full-time models, Jessica, Brandi, Claire, and Jasmine.  It is easier to approach scenes like this with girls that we have a long standing relationship with.  In addition, all of these girls desire to be spanked to some degree.  With them having a desire to be spanked, they too wanted an added element of realism in the spankings they take.  On all three sites we have done a ‚Äúreal discipline‚Ä? series in which the girls list offenses they have gotten away with in their lives (both as children and adults) and they are then punished for them.  In most cases we have done on camera interviews with the girls to get a sense of how their parents would have dealt with the same situation had they been caught.  We adjust the severity of the punishment based on the fact that they are now older and then they are spanked.  Being that we are spanking a girl that likes to be spanked and are trying to make it a real punishment, these tend to be some of the hardest scenes we do and they generally end in tears.

When the occasion presents itself, some of the models are punished for things that relate to the job.  On a few occasions we have had new models that do not show up for a shoot and do not call.  This is the quickest way to get fired at our studio and a single no show without calling terminates their employment.  A couple of times, weeks or months after their no show, the models contact us and want to work again.  The policy is always the same, they can come back but they owe us one scene without being paid.  While we often film the scene with our typical themes, it is made clear to the model that the first spanking is for wasting our time.  While these seems may appear just like any other scene on our websites the model is more than aware the real reason for her spanking.  A recent development that has led to the application of a real punishment is with both the girls of  Early on they both developed a habit of showing up five to ten minutes late.  While this may seem minor, when you have another model and an entire production team waiting on them, it becomes a problem.  Both girls fear the cane more than any other implement, so it seemed the best choice for this situation.  The first time they were punished for being late, we sort of ambushed them.  They both showed up late and Dee and I decided to put an end to it.  We detailed a school girl scene to be filmed with me and setup an office environment to shoot in.  The cameras were turned on and the girls entered expecting to do the scene we just walked them through.  Once they sat down I surprised them by breaking character and telling them that what we were actually doing was addressing the issue of being tardy on a regular basis.  They were then explained the new policy, more than five minutes late and they would receive 12 strokes of the cane.  They were both then caned severely and taught a very real lesson.  That was all it took for Claire to get her act together, but Jasmine has been on the receiving end of the tardy caning on many occasions.  More than once, when one of them was one to two minutes late, I looked out the window to see them jogging down the street to beat the cutoff time.

The one occasion that really stands out in which a model was punished for real infractions that affected us was the time that Brandi ended up on the painful end of a 20 minute spanking from me.  To make a long story short, I leased her a car to make it easier for her to get to work.  Over time it was clear that this was not the best idea in the world and we took the car back.  Several months later I received a letter from the city stating that my tickets were about to turn into warrants.  Being that I had never had a traffic ticket in my life, I was quite confused.  It turns out that Brandi had received almost a dozen parking tickets while driving my vehicle.  Of course the car was registered in my name, so the tickets were being issued to me.  Brandi had just thrown all of the tickets away.  Obviously, she ended up paying all the tickets and the fines, but I felt her lack of responsibility needed to be dealt with.  We sat down and had a long meeting about her behavior and she seemed quite concerned about how bothered I was about the whole thing and whether we were going to be able to put it behind us.  I told her that the best solution was to dedicate her entire next shoot into teaching her the proper way to act as well as to punish her for what she had done.  While a bit reluctant, she agreed.  I have never seen a model show up for a shoot quite as nervous as she was that day.  She knew she was in for it and it showed in a very big way.  The scene was filmed entirely unscripted and Brandi was made to explain, on camera, while she was being punished.  I then administered one of the logest and hardest punishment she has ever received.  This scene has proven to be very popular on Spanking Teen Brandi and the realism shows.

While rare in the spanking industry, scenes that are very real do exist.  They have been some of our best received videos and we are always looking for situations in the future that will allow us to film more.

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