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Optimistic Spanking Model

One model who never factored pain into her fantasies

As producers of spanking content, you would think that there would be many models who give being spanked a try and decide that they do not want to do it again.  We have been fortunate that this has never really been the case for us.  In most instances, a model that does not come back for a second shoot is based on our decision, not hers.  I think one of the reasons we have such good retention is due to the interview process.  We realize that it is just as much of an interview for us as it is for the model.  We do not sugarcoat anything; in fact we go to the opposite extreme by making it very clear what they can expect.  There is never a case of us saying “it doesn’t really hurt that bad?.  We have a handbook that walks them through their first day, with our expectations clear, and even photos of marked butts.  It is clear to them that we are looking to spank them in a manner that they will not enjoy.  We let them know that in time, tears are the ultimate goal.  No model has ever been surprised by what is asked of her and as a result, they always come back for additional shoots.  I would estimate that over the history of the studio, less than 5% of the models do not work out.  Some come and go over time, but most do multiple shoots for us.  On very rare occasions, we end up terminating a model’s employment.  This is most often due to them not being reliable.  They don’t see working for us as a regular job, but quickly learn that missed shoots or being late results in being fired. 

There have been a few models over the years that we have decided not to work anymore for different reasons.  One that really stands out for me is the girl that came in professing how much she loved to be spanked.  Being only 18, I inquired as to her spanking experience.  She stated that she had never actually been spanked, but she had dreamed about it her whole life.  She was especially interested in being paddled with a wooden paddle.  I told her that if her first few scenes went well, we could think about using a wooden paddle lightly over her pants.  We never break out a paddle on a model’s first day, it is generally many shots down the road before we will take it to that level.  She stated that she wanted to feel it on her bare butt and she wanted it to be hard.  I told her we would see what happens and if I felt she could handle it, we would paddle her as she wanted.  As we do with every model on her first day, we filmed her punishment profile.  The purpose of this scene in not really to create good content.  It is one of our longest running series and it is not very popular with our members.  This is due to the fact that these are really the only light spankings we administer.  But this scene serves many purposes for us.  The first is to get the model in a situation in which she is speaking on camera but not having to worry about lines or playing a role.  The second is to give her a chance to become at least a little comfortable being naked in front of the camera and to not have to focus so much on the painful aspects of a scene.  The third is to gauge how well a model can tolerate a spanking.  After every profile scene we sit with the model and do a bit of a debriefing.  The first thing we ask her to do is to rate the pain of the spanking on a scale of one to ten.  This let’s us know right away how much room there is to grow in regards to severity.  Over the years, the average response from all models is typically in the 3-5 range as far as pain.  As far as how hard we can spank, we rate the spanking ourselves as a four.  So the models that are in the three to five range are exactly where we expect them to be.  On their first day, all models are also given a safeword or some sort of safety signal they can use to end the scene.  As we better get to know a model we often go without a safeword, but on day one it is essential.  This particular model, during her first spanking, used her safeword.  This was a first for us, given the gentleness of the spanking, so we immediately stopped the shoot and talked to her.  She thought it might have just been the initial shock and she wanted to try again.  We resumed filming and once again she stopped the shoot.  When asked to rate the pain, she stated “a ten or higher?.  Well, you have seen our profiles and clearly they are light.  This girl who wanted a severe bare bottom paddling with a wooden paddle, could not even get through the lightest handspanking.  As is the case with many who fantasize about being spanked, but have never been spanked, pain is generally not accurately reflected in a spanking fantasy.  For the first time in the history of the company, I sent a model home after her first scene.

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