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My thoughts on the use of the cane.


My feelings on caning are mixed.  When spanking, it is an implement that I like.  There are very few implements that are as feared as the cane.  When a serious lesson must be taught, the cane works everytime.  The pain created from a hard cane stroke is very specific, and has a second wave of pain that follows shortly after the initial impact.  The marks it leaves are very distinct and generally stay long enough to serve as a visual reminder for a couple of days.  I generally administer cane strokes close to as hard as I can and adjust the severity through cane selection.


My biggest problem with the cane is its use in spanking videos.  Because of the degree of pain involved, I rarely see a cane used with much force in a spanking video.  Yes, there are companies like Lupas that use it very effectively, but in general, most companies swing it lightly.  On the flip side are those videos that swing it hard, but unsafely.  I do not know how many times I have watched someone spanking with a cane in a video in which it was clear that had not really used it before.  It pains me to see hard strokes that wrap all the way around the sides of the thigh. 


On my various websites, we do cane, but it is not one of our most common scenes.  Because I think it needs to be used with a great degree of force, only certain models are able to take it.  We have begun a series on called “School Strokes” in which we administer hard cane strokes, but over jeans and panties.  This allows many models to experience their first caning on a level that is a little more tolerable.  Don’t get me wrong, a hard caning over jeans still hurts, and leaves welts, but it is clearly not as bad as receiving it on the bare.  In the interviews that follow the “School Strokes” scenes, the girls discuss their thoughts on the cane as a punishment tool. 


On occasion we film some pretty severe canings.  In our feature production Friday Punishments, the final scene of the movie consists of a 100 stroke caning administered very hard and very fast which brings her to tears before the 10th stroke.  We have also filmed some judicial style punishments in which the girl is secured to the bondage bench before her severe caning.  One of the more unique canings we did was for a model who was fascinated with cane marks.  We setup a monitor for her so she could watch each cane stroke be delivered.  Her bottom was about as marked as I have ever seen when we were done.  She came in each day for the next few days to show us her bottom and she was black and blue for more than a week.


On we began to have issues with both of the girls showing up late for their shoots.  It was clear from day one that both Jasmine and Claire hated the cane, so we made a policy that if they are more than 5 minutes late, they will take 12 cane strokes on the bare, as hard as I can administer them.  It only took once for Claire to get her act together, it seems poor Jasmine needs a reminder every 6-8 weeks.  There have been many days that I have peeked out the window when a girl was late, only to see them literally running down the street to get into the studio before the cutoff time.  Even two girls who like to spanked, will do anything they can to avoid a real punishment caning on their bare bottoms.


When used safely and effectively, I like to see hard canings in spanking videos.  While I will always favor the school paddle for strict discipline, the cane is always a good option.  “Twelve of the best” is usually enough to get any girl’s attention and keep it for many days.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/09 at 08:03 AM


You mention that it is dangerous to wrap the cane around, however, how do you avoid it and still use full force strokes?
Posted by  on  01/09  at  09:00 PM | #
The best way to avoid wrap around is to be very experiences before you attempt to give a caning full force. The main issue is that most people gain a little distance when they swing a cane. You need to line the stroke up so that the end of the cane is an inch or so past their butt crack. This was, when you gain a little distance on your swing, you end up right on target and not wrapping around the hips. If you want more detailed directions, e-mail me at .
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  01/10  at  06:54 AM | #
MrM's Quote: The pain created from a hard cane stroke is very specific, and has a second wave of pain that follows shortly after the initial impact.

It's this second wave of pain that makes me fear the cane. I'm not able to mentally control or minimalize the pain that I feel from it's use. I enjoy the thump and sting of straps, paddles and floggers. When the pain from them becomes too much, I can almost always keep the pain from overwhelming me. With the use of a cane..all I can do is endure it and hope it stops soon, plus this type of pain actually brings anger out of me. I think that might partially have to with the fact that I become frustrated from not being able to enjoy being spanked with a cane, plus I tend to give up control all the sooner from it's searing pain when used hard enough.

Thanks, Razor
Posted by  on  01/13  at  09:23 PM | #
Mr M,

Re your preference for the paddle, I guess you tend to have an affinity to what you grew up with, hence for Brits of my generation who grew up in the shadow of the cane it will always have a special significance.

I attended a mixed sex boarding school in the UK during the late 70s and early 80s. For boys the slipper was a fairly common punishment, with the cane being reserved for serious offences. I myself received one caning, but in many respects I probably got off lightly as I got 4 strokes rather than the traditional six of the best and mercifully did not have to take my trousers down.

Alas, the girls at my school were completely exempt from corporal punishment, a fairly typical situation in UK schools at that time that all seemed terribly unfair. However, this didn't stop me from fantasising about some of the prettier girls in the school being bent over for an unwelcome appointment with the cane and this has remained with me ever since.

I do not wish to diminish the potence of the paddle and its ability to inflict a great deal of pain on a large expanse of bottom with one swat. However, for me the cane will always have that additional dread factor. For a start there is that horrible swishing sound, which inevitably serves to heighten the anxiety of a naughty girl as the cane is travelling towards its target. Then there is that legendary bite of the initial impact and the ghastly stinging sensation that follows a second or two later.

I would guess that the subject of the paddle versus the cane is frequently discussed amongst your models and I think it would make an interesting topic for your blog. I was particularly intrugued by your revelations that Jasmine and Claire absolutely hate the cane and was wondering whether this sentiment extends to the majority of your models?

Posted by  on  03/26  at  12:36 AM | #

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