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Paddles for all

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 08/05 at 09:25 AM


Ooookay, well, it looks like a display of identical paddles for an extremely reasonable price (by spanking implement standards). But what is it really; what did the people who put it up intend it to be? That's a hobby/crafts store, I guess? Are they supposed to be breadboards, that you decorate and hang up in the kitchen? Seems like breadboards would come in more than one shape/size. Also seems like the handle would be shorter and the blade -- the part where the bread goes -- would be longer. (Actually, even for a paddle the handle seems too long, but the shape makes more sense for a paddle than a breadboard.)

Or maybe decorated paddles are a thing now, and I just didn't realize it? Frat paddles; you put Greek letters on them?

An amazing and mysterious sight.
Posted by  on  08/06  at  01:26 AM | #
Wow... Not a bad price for well constructed paddles it seems. The one in the center top row would not be good though. It appears to be three seperate pieces of wood glued together. It would not last through one spanking in my house. They must sell good, since they have quite a number of them in stock lol. I wonder what part of the world this was taken?
Posted by Christian  on  08/06  at  05:53 PM | #
And Michael's even has directions for a "craft project" of painting their College "Big Sis" Wood Paddle!

Check out the picture of the finished product:,default,pd.html

Project Directions:

Step 1 Paint front and back of paddle pink. Let dry.

Step 2 Adhere paper to paddle using Mod Podge®.

Step 3 Stick on glitter letters to spell “Big Sis”.

Step 4 Glue on flower embellishments and painted wood embellishment.

Step 5 Decorate the paddle with white polka dots using the end of a paintbrush dipped in Wedding Cake paint.

Step 6 Add pink glitter dots using the Glitter Liners.

Step 7 Tie ribbon through hole to hang.
Posted by Gretchen  on  08/12  at  03:12 PM | #
Wow. I had no idea. Googling "decorated paddle" (without the quotes) turns up a LOT of hits, including at least two Pinterest pages and several vendors (one of which I've linked to). So I guess the items in the photo ARE paddles.

From my viewpoint it's kind of sad to think that they are never intended to spank anyone. I guess the back side isn't decorated (it lays against the wall), so that side could be used for its intended purpose if needed. All the glued-on decorations might come flying off the other side, though.

Thanks for the research, Gretchen.
Posted by  on  08/14  at  12:14 AM | #

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