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Getting her tiny bottom paddled at school

Being sent to the principal’s office is never pleasant for the older teen girl, but when she is sent up during cheerleading practice and is only wearing her tiny practice shorts and a sports bra, the experience become even more overwhelming.

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She has to sit in the office, of this administrator that she has never met before, wearing an outfit that barely covers more than a swimsuit does.  She is 18, a legal adult, but she has to sit there and be lectured like she is still a child.  She may be a legal adult, but as long as she attends this school, she is required to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the school code of conduct.

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Unfortunately for her, the only thing that could make this situation worse, is the decision he makes as to how to handle her excessive tardies.  She is informed that she will indeed be paddled for her infractions.  She has no say in the matter, he simply states it as a fact.  Before she can fully realize what is happening, he is getting up from his chair, turning it around, and telling her to bend over it and to present her bottom to be paddled.  Having never been spanked at school or home before, the reality of the situation begins to really hit.  This reality is further emphasized as he pulls out a giant wooden paddle to spank her bottom with.

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She bends over as instructed and can feel the cold AC of his office on the very lowest part of her bottom, knowing now that in this position, part of her butt is indeed exposed.  He takes his time with the paperwork required when he paddles a girl’s bottom, and she is left presenting her little teen butt, just waiting for it to be paddled.  The moment finally comes and she feels the wooden paddle touch her butt.  She watches out of the corner of her eye as the paddle is raised high in the air...and then the learning begin.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 08/14 at 09:41 AM


I imagine having to go into the showers with your freshly spanked buns on display for one-and-all to see, to point to, and laugh at would be pretty humiliating.

"Look at Miss Spanky pants!"

"Did you cry when you get it?"

"Cry baby! Cry baby!"

"Her butt's as red as her hair."

"Wait till her dad finds out. Bet she gets double then."

Will the teacher's aide monitoring the girls in the shower order the girls to knock it off, or, not being much older than the spanked girl, feel her own buns tighten slightly, even as she secretly enjoys the girl's teasing?
Posted by  on  08/18  at  03:51 PM | #

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