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Naked and Embarrassed for the complete Punishment Experience

There are many consenting adults in this world who participate in some sort of disciplinary relationship.  It may be a husband and wife who live a domestic discipline lifestyle, someone who reports to a disciplinarian for punishment as needed, or even those in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.  Within any of these relationships, while spanking may at times take on a playful role, corporal punishment is indeed used as an actual punishment tool. A typical spanking may be spontaneous and used for slight transgressions and be just firm enough to make a point clear about some violation of the rules.  But there will come a time in any disciplinary relationship in which a punishment cannot be handled with a quick spanking and needs to become more of a disciplinary event.  This is the kind of punishment that if done in an effective manner, becomes something that the naughty person will never forget.

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Over the years, I have been in the unique situation of being able to create many such experiences for deserving young ladies in need of such a punishment.  Please keep in mind that these were obviously consensual encounters and ones in which I was contacted by someone who was looking for a punishment with a level of severity that went well beyond a typical spanking.  I have discussed before in detail many of the techniques that can be used to create such an experience, especially when dealing with someone who does indeed have a spanking fetish. 

Today I wanted to discuss the topic of nudity as a tool to enhance the overall punishment experience.  This may not be quite as effective for a couple that utilizes spanking, as they already have an intimate relationship, so seeing each other naked is typically a common occurrence. For the young ladies over the years that have traveled to my location seeking a true punishment experience, generally we are meeting in person for the first time.  On these occasions I have been given a unique opportunity to use nudity as a punishment tool to make sure that their experience is one that is very long lasting.
I believe just about everyone that actively seeks out a spanking punishment, even if for real life offenses, does indeed have a spanking fetish.  On some level, even if they know that the spanking they are going to receive from me is severe, they have fantasized about it for a very long time.  Heavy in the fantasy is often the scolding and the actual spanking, but for many young ladies out there, the nudity is not something that they have considered.  Spanking is something that has lived in their psyche for a very long time, but being naked in front of someone they just met is just plain uncomfortable.  Well, uncomfortable is what I do when it comes to a punishment, so I play off this factor in a very big way.

Many people may think that disciplinarians that require a young lady to get naked for her punishment just want to see a naked woman.  For me it has nothing to do with my needs, turn ons, or desire for visual stimulation and has everything to do with creating an environment and experience that the young lady would never want to repeat.  She is being punished for her behavior, behavior that we are trying to completely eliminate, and I would be doing her a disservice by not doing everything in my power to assure that she has an experience to look back upon every time she finds her behavior slipping.  So the experience I create is more than just about being spanked.

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I know the experience is effective from the look on the young lady’s faces when they are told to strip completely naked within the first minute of walking in my door.  They have mentally prepared themselves for many things, but getting naked in front of me before ever being asked to sit down, was not one of them.  This is such a powerful tool and accomplishes so many things with that one command.  First, there is really no situation in life, except jail, in which someone can demand that someone else strip fully naked.  Well, they are in trouble; they are going to be punished, so I have no trouble with creating a situation that only exists in jail.  It also quickly establishes control and immediately makes it clear to her that I am in charge.  Even more importantly, it makes her feel exposed and vulnerable.
As she stands in the middle of my living room, slowly removing every article of clothing that she is wearing, while I casually sit on the couch and watch, the punishment has already begun.  I have not lectured her, we have not covered her offenses or transgressions, and there is not a spot on her bottom that is the slightest bit pink, yet the punishment has begun.  She is not happy about this turn of events, she is very uncomfortable, and she is highly embarrassed.  I have already created a situation that she would not voluntarily want to repeat. Once she is fully naked I then require her to neatly fold her clothes. Just as with the jail reference before, there are very few situations in life in which someone is told to fold their clothes, except when they were a child.  She is in trouble, and she is indeed going to be spanked, so I do not mind at all if I am telling her to do things that give the whole situation a parental feel.

I find the living room element also to be an important part of her requirement to be naked.  Most people associate the bedroom with intimate moments and tend to spend the majority of their undressed time in that environment.  The typical woman does not wander around the house naked, so I like making her get naked in an even more uncomfortable environment. So now as she is standing before me, as naked as the day she was born, with her face the same color that her bottom will soon be, I take things to the next level.  I require her to stay in that spot, not allowing her to cover any part of her body and then I casually stand up and take her clothes.  I then take her clothes and walk them to a different room of the house, far out of her view and reach.  This tends to bring a sense of reality to the whole situation.  Her last defense, the last thing that might possibly protect her from this punishment she not only earned but actively sought out, is now gone.  She cannot just decide that she is going to back out and run out the door, her clothes are now gone.  Obviously, in any real life punishment I administer, the person being punished has the ability to leave.  But the removal of the clothing is highly symbolic and truly makes her feel even more vulnerable and helpless. 

When I return to the room and casually sit on the couch, we then begin to explore the reasons why she is there in the first place.  Now we have a young lady, who has probably fantasized and masturbated throughout her life about the moment in which she sat before a disciplinarian being lectured, but never did it play out in her head like this. This moment is not sexy, it is not like her fantasies, she is simply naked, embarrassed, and wants to be anywhere else in the world at that very moment.  The lecture is not going to be a quick one, I am going to make this last as long as it possible can.  Also, this is not the same as corner time.  Corner time often is part of a woman’s fantasy, but that is somehow more intimate, much more focused, and private.  She is not being given the benefit of having her naked body hidden with her nose in the corner.  This is not a quiet moment for reflection, this is an open and engaging conversation between adults, a normal daily occurrence, but one in which she is required to be naked for.  There is a sense of security and safety that comes with corner time, in this situation she only feels exposed and on display.

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Throughout our correspondence it was been made clear that there will be no part of her spanking that will be light.  If she is coming to see me, it is indeed for the real thing, with tears as the goal from the beginning.  At no point have I previously ever discussed with her how she is going to be spanked or with what implement.  She probably has spent a considerable amount of time considering how bad the spanking is going to be and speculating exactly how it is going to take place.  There was probably also a considerable amount of fear wondering if she would be able to endure what I had in store for her.  That fear has been increased significantly by the removal of her clothing.  Any amount of time she spent convincing herself that she could get through it at the beginning as a result of a spanking administered over clothes, is out the window.  She knows she is going to be spanked hard and she now knows that from the first swat on, it will be her bare bottom paying the price.

From the moment that she was required to get naked, she is standing in the middle of the room, hands at her sides, facing me.  After what could be as long as a 30 minute conversation, it is time to remind her which part of her anatomy will be the focus of this visit.  After 30 minutes of growing slightly more comfortable standing naked before me, it is time to once again create more discomfort, both physically and mentally.  This is accomplished quite easily by telling her to turn around, assume a wide stance, and to bend over and grab her ankles.  If she had started to grow a little more comfortable with displaying full frontal nudity, this solves that problem quickly.  Any sense of modesty is fully out the window when a young lady is required to grab her ankles while fully naked.  The most intimate and private parts of her body are put fully on display with no way to hide them.  With a single command I was able to take the most uncomfortable and embarrassing moment of her life and enhance it significantly. Once again, no implement has made contact with any part of her body, but there is no doubt that she is being punished.

This is the part of her punishment in which physical discomfort starts to finally become a factor.  She is not being required to grab her ankles so I can immediately spank her.  It is at this point that I will start to gather implements and bring them into the room.  I am in no hurry as I know this position gets very uncomfortable very quickly.  Yes, she may indeed have fantasized about this very position, but she imagined it as part of a spanking.  Very quickly she is going to start to feel pain everywhere but the one place she wants it. Her legs and her muscles will become sore and eventually tremble a bit.  She has not been spanked yet, but with her body growing sore and her genital exposed and on display, there is no doubt that she is being punished.  The best part is, there is not one part of the current punishment that she has ever fantasized about and the chances of her ever wanting to repeat this portion of her punishment are very low.

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Eventually all good things must come to an end and she will indeed be freed of the embarrassment and discomfort that she feels as a result of being naked and exposed in front of me.  In just a moment she will forget all about the nudity and it will be the farthest thing from her mind.  She will no longer be embarrassed and it will not bother her even the slightest little bit that her clothes are in the other room.  All of the shame and embarrassment will quickly be replaced with something else that will be all encompassing and will quickly become the only thing that exists in her universe…pain. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/14 at 01:21 PM


Whether those girls were told that they will be naked during the punishment before filming the video?

I want to apply for SP model, where can I get more information?
Posted by Irene  on  11/19  at  02:11 AM | #
I find it quite entertaining to see the effect that discipline has on a fully grown woman. As lovely as her bouncing, red bottom is, the expression on the face of the woman is a beautiful sight as well. I can appreciate the beauty of a woman, and that beauty is only emphasized in more detail while she goes through the many stages of a good spanking. The indignancy, anger and attitude that is frequently displayed as she is scolded, and the glares that follow, while she comes to realize that she is in "big trouble", along with her instictive physical reactions (placing of hands on hips, then behind her as she covers her nether cheeks), and those are just reactions prior to the spanking. Lot more reactions and beautiful facial expressions to follow, including the embarrassment and realization that she has been spanked as if she is a naughty little girl.
Posted by  on  11/28  at  10:52 AM | #

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