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Sometimes I like to put some of my recent work out there for free so you all can see what we have been up to.  While there are still many, many bare bottom videos on our sites, we have been getting a lot of requests for punishment that are more realistic.  Some of the most highly rated scenes on are those that recreate how corporal punishment is most often practiced in the homes of America.  It seems that many of you want to see exactly how the older teen girl is actually punished in the privacy of her home.  While bare bottom spankings do indeed occur, they are certainly not the norm.  If you look at how the typical teen girl is actually punished in the South, it is generally done with a belt, over her pants in the home, or with a paddle over her pants in school. 

In the home, most often a young lady is sent to her room, and then receives a visit from one of her parents with a belt.  There is no baring of the bottom, there is no corner time, and most certainly it is not a progressive spanking that involves some sort of warm-up.  The parent administering the punishment gets right to work with the belt with the goal of creating a sore bottom.  The punishment does not go on and on for five minutes, and it is typically over in well under a minute.  In many of our recent videos we are doing our best to create this overall experience.  Yes, these are legal aged girls, who are being paid as a model, but that does not mean we are not creating an authentic corporal punishment experience for them.  Below is a perfect example of what I believe to be highly realistic corporal punishment.  Two sisters are marched upstairs, each to receive a hard whuppin for misbehavior.  One is taken into the bedroom for her strapping, while the other waits outside the door for her turn.

In the next video we look at corporal punishment as it is applied in many schools, mostly in the South.  While some schools do indeed allow a teacher to apply a paddling, most corporal punishment takes place in the school office and is applied by the principal of vice principal.  There is indeed a little fantasy involved in this clip as it would be unusual for a student to be paddled in front of another student.  In addition, in a situation where a female student is being paddled by a male administrator, there would typically be a female witness in the room.  We film many videos that show exactly what I just described, but for this video we wanted to create a scene in which multiple girls were being paddled in the school office.  The paddle used, the severity of the paddling, and the position she is required to assume all fall well within the typical standards for corporal punishment in school.

You can see the other girl receive her hard whuppin, as well as the rest of the girls being paddled in the office, all in full HD, only in the member’s area of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/14 at 10:51 AM


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