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Accidental impact

spanking picture

From the member’s area of Slut Spanking

It is very rare that I come across an aspect of spanking that I have not given great thought to.  Let’s face it, it is not all that easy to find something spanking related to write about on a regular basis.  I am always looking for some tiny little part of the kink to explore in great detail to try and help myself understand it all better.  The other day while looking through the member’s area of Slut Spanking, I came across the picture shown above.  What struck me about this picture is the fact that her bare butt seems to be receiving more impact from his hand than from the slipper he is spanking her with.  This picture did not really offer any insight, or some new revelation regarding spanking, but I was struck by the fact that I have never really considered the fact that a hand holding the implement actually comes into play during a spanking.  Obviously this situation is dependent on the implement, because anything long does not have your hand making contact with the bottom.  But with smaller implement such as a hairbrush, slipper, small paddles, etc. the hand may indeed come into play.  In most situations that hand holding the implement is pretty much balled into a fist, so when the far cheek is feeling the implement, it seems possible that the closest cheek is actually feeling a bit of a punch.

Has anyone had any experience with this on the receiving end?  I am curious as to the effects of a long spanking under these conditions and what effects the hand holding the implement had on the spanking.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/20 at 11:07 AM


I have experienced that one while on the receiving end. This typically happens when the lady is using a flexible implement made of leather. What I've found is that most (right handed) spankers concentrate the force of their strokes on the right cheek. This comes from repetition mainly.

Now, on my left cheek, I have felt their knuckles land on my left as they bear down on my right side with the (sweet spot) of the implement in question. This mainly happens when I'm in the OTK position. I've found that most ladies have a little more latitude in aim and strength when I'm bent over a couch or straddling a spanking bench. At that point they are able to maintain a stance a few inches further away from behind and they can exert their forearm a bit more as well. I've also found this to be true when I'm topping. That's why I'm all the more cautious when I'm using a short implement rather than a long one. I've found that it easier to be more accurate with a longer implement while she and I are both standing, rather than me sitting with her over my knee. I suspect that is why I prefer a longer implement and to stand while taking the spanking. The spanker has more room to maintain an accurate aim and she has more leeway to use as much physical strength as she likes as the implement is brought home on target. This last thought is also how I prefer to issue spankings too.

If a spankee feels the spanker's knuckles on their opposite cheek when using an OTK piece, then the spanker might be overcompensating in force and aim.

Posted by  on  07/20  at  03:04 PM | #
These are some good tips Mike. I will remember them next time I get a chance with a spankable young lady.
Posted by Spanking Hero  on  07/24  at  12:52 PM | #
My other half and I are into spanking and take it in turns depending on who's being bad.
The other week I got the slipper for leaving the bathroom in a mess and as the strokes intensified (I'd left the bathroom REALLY messy), his clenched fist slapped against the cheek nearest him.
It felt so good that I asked him to do the same the next time - in fact I might just go and mess up the bathroom again...
Posted by Punky Smith  on  08/04  at  04:46 PM | #

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