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One thing that has really been great for me when it comes to GUBA, is the exploration of power based fetishes beyond spanking.  My online adult efforts are usually based around spanking, and with the exception of Hogtied and Sex and Summission I do not have any fetish memberships outside the realm of spanking sites. 

This is probably because a lot of this content I find a little goofy.  I am certainly not one to judge anyone elses fetish, I find a lot of it attractive, but I have trouble signing up for a membership when the content is hit or miss for me.  With GUBA I have been able to enjoy video samples that cover a wide range, and I am finding many things to my liking.  Beyond the Spanking category, I have been spending time browsing the BDSM, Fem Dom, and Bondage categories.

I must also admit that I can’t seem to stay out of the Web Cam Videos and Voyeur Videos.  I enjoy getting to be a fly on the wall while other people get kinky and I guess I am becoming a fan of the Voyeur Videos as well as the Amateur Videos that are filmed by couples within the privacy of their bedroom. 

If you check out GUBA be sure to spend more time browsing categories than using the search engine.  I was originally dissapointed with some of my searches, but found the category browsing to be much more effective.  As a member, it also displays similar videos to the one you have clicked on, and this seems to help quite a bit for finding similar content.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/10 at 04:37 AM


As I can do GUBA Searches without being a member, what are the added benefits of membership? Is it that if I make a request, I receive an email when it is done by someone?

Posted by  on  09/01  at  12:10 AM | #
When I as a non-member select Categories I see nothing at all like BDSM or spanking in the categories or sub-categories. If you can explain how to use categories I would appreciate it.

Posted by  on  09/01  at  12:21 AM | #

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