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I am curious to know what kind of experiences that people have had with some of the spanking social groups.  Clearly there are many such groups out there, some are very casual and simply meet for dinner once a month, others are as formal as a private club with a high end play space.  It seems some are as organized as to have classes and demonstrations on a regular basis.  To be quite honest, I have never attended anything of the sorts.  While the majority of my spanking experiences have been very public and on camera, I have always viewed spanking as a private event between two people.  The only thing I really thought a group situation would add to a spanking experience, is that of the added embarrassment of being spanked in front of a group.  My only real experience with spanking as a social activity is a couple of parties at Shadow Lane.  My personal feelings on those experiences were that I felt a little goofy at the time.  It felt like a bunch of horny adults sitting around and waiting for the next couple to get the nerve to participate in a spanking.  It all seemed a little forced, the spankings I watched were not all that sexy, nor did they have a sense of punishment to them.  I am sure that my thoughts are skewed a bit in that these parties were, for the most part, a group of people that barely knew each other.  Maybe frequent play with the same social group, over time, adds a bit to the dynamic.  It also may be the fact that at this time, spanking was my full-time job, so watching a group of middle aged couples smack each other’s bottoms, had lost some of its excitement. 

But I do get a sense, from some of the chats I participate in, that a lot of you out there find these social groups and experiences to be quite fun.  Is it that for the first time probably ever, you are in an environment that you can freely discuss your deviant thoughts?  Is it more about meeting people for future spanking fun?  I am very curious to know from those of you out there who go to such events, what do you find appealing about it?  If you are in a long term relationship with your dream spanker or spankee, do you still attend the spanking socials?  If you have a group local to you that you like, and they have a website, please feel free to post the link as a comment.  For those of you in the Denver area, what groups and functions do you like here in the metro area?  I am hoping to gain a little insight into the spanking social scene, so hopefully some of you can help me out.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/21 at 12:17 PM


Jmunch meets monthly in a Chinese place in Jackson. It's just a group of middle agers sitting around eating egg rolls and chatting. There's no play area or time, and the conversation is kept vanilla due to the surroundings. I haven't been in a few years.
Posted by  on  06/21  at  01:51 PM | #
I belong to a few groups that meet fairly regularly here in Ohio. A few started out as spanking groups then turned into bdsm groups. The spanking parties I find fun. I have been to Michigan parties too. some parties have themes such as "back to school" which are my favorite. I have had the opportunity to line up a number of ladies in school uniforms and paddle their butts just like in school. Got their signatures on my paddle too. Theme parties with skits are the most fun. Although there is a light hearted atmosphere and not the heavy punishment scene it is really more in keeping with my school experiences. But the paddlings are real and hard.
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I am looking forward to Shadow Lane this year mostly because I want to meet up with and get spanked by people that I talk to in chat all the time! lol. It will add to that dyamic when we actually know each other and have some shared experiences.
Posted by  on  06/22  at  10:55 AM | #

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