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Maid for Punishment

A profile of our recent AVN nominated film

Three years ago we set out to film our first full length spanking feature, “Road Trip?.  It was my first attempt at writing and directing a full length film.  Our efforts were rewarded with good reviews and good sales.  Over the next couple of years we filmed more movies, but on a smaller scale, which resulted in “Painful Summer?, “The Arrival?, and “Friday Punishments?.  Over the course of a several week RV trip, I began to formulate the thoughts for a movie of a much grander scale than we had ever attempted before.  During one particular night, in which everyone was sleeping and I was driving, the groundwork for ““Maid for Punishment”? was put into place mentally.  Over the next week J and I bounced scene ideas off of each other until we had enough for a full length feature.  When we returned from the trip I took our notes and worked for the next couple of weeks writing somewhat of a screenplay. 


I put Dee on the task of finding the perfect secluded mansion in the mountains and she did a wonderful job finding the perfect place.  She located a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion deep in the heart of ski country, located on 15 acres, in a gated community.  The house was four stories, with an indoor pool, two Jacuzzis, a sauna, multiple suites, and an eight car garage.  We like to make the location shoots a fun experience for all and this was the perfect place to film my feature as well as be assured that everyone would be living in the lap of luxury.  While not cheap, we arranged for this house for a full week, and it was well worth it.


After a week of preparation we packed our vehicles with close to 1000 lbs of production equipment and headed off into the mountains.  J and I, as well as Dee and the webmaster, arrived two days before the models and the rest of the production staff so we could spend a while with preproduction.  Many of the scenes that I had written now had to be fined tuned as we got a better sense of the shooting space.  We also spent countless hours prelighting all of our scenes to assure that things moved as quickly as possible during our days of shooting.  Once everything was in place the models began to arrive that evening.  After treating the cast and crew to a nice dinner, we began.  Shooting continue for four straight days and was a tiring process for most of us.  It is difficult to act in a movie as well as have any sort of production role and for several of us, we worked 18 hours days for four straight days. 

The main difference in this production and previous ones was the amount of time and energy put into the production process.  We brought in additional personnel to help, but we were also dealing with a lot of new concepts.  We purchased camera cranes, steady cams, dollies, and various other new tools to increase our production value.  We tripled the amount of lighting that we generally used and switched to boom mounted mics with sound people.  This turned out to be a long film, but as people have come to expect from us, the central focus in on the spanking.  There are 16 different punishment administered to our three lovely models over the course of this film.  In addition, we included a few bondage scenes and gently explore the world of erotic discipline.


I am happy to announce that this movie resulted in our first AVN nominations.  For those of you who are not aware, the AVN awards are like the Oscars for the adult entertainment industry.  Because there is a little bondage mixed in, our nomination is for the “Best BDSM Film? category.  The awards take place in January of 2005 and we will know then if our efforts will be recognized by the industry as the best of 2004.

You can view the free trailers for all of our feature film and our “best of” releases at Realspankings Films.

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