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Discipline programs, self spanking…and ROBOSPANKER

So on occasion I do online discipline for deserving young ladies.  For the most part it is something I avoid, but I recently began a program with a young lady that really seemed genuine in her desires to help change various aspects of her behavior.  This is what motivated the post earlier this week regarding “self-spanking”.  As a requirement for this young lady’s discipline program, she was required to film the various punishments I assigned her and e-mail them to me.  She took the whole thing very seriously, and while I promised not to share her video, she took the self-spanking concept to a level I have never witnessed before.  Somewhat similar to the video I posted, she punished herself using a large bath brush.  She more than met the requirements I set forth for her, and actually spanked herself until her bottom was bruised and she was in tears.

The video she sent me really got me thinking about better ways to assign self discipline, and led me to once again investigate something that has been on the market for quite some time, which is the ROBOSPANKER

spanking picture

In the past I always felt this machine to be a little too bulky for practical use, but having revisited their site, I see that they have made major improvements to the design.  The machine is much smaller, is adjustable to spank at any angle (including downward, for laying on the bed), and they say it spanks harder than ever before.  This is not one of those machines that requires an air compressor, will all sorts of hoses and lots of extra noise.  They have modified the spanking implement, so that it now uses a polypropylene paddle that comes in two sizes, and they now have a cane option.

Well, as you are aware, the dean at often gets quite fatigued from so much spanking, so I thought this might be a nice addition for the Institute.  I am having one custom built for the Institute’s requirements, including a vibrating spanking bench, and a longer cord so I can control the spanking from the comfort of my office.  Another interesting addition to this product is time release hand cuffs.  You can actually strap a naughty young lady in place, set the timer on the spanking and on the cuffs, and then go and have a cup of coffee while a very proper discipline session is carried out.  The spanking will end after a specified period of time and then handcuffs will then release (pretty cool).  I think this will be a nice addition the and I am curious as to how you all think we should use it. 

Beyond my own desires to use this for our productions, it seems clear that this is a good solution for those of you out there that do not have that special someone in your life to spank you.  There are many people out there who spank themselves (although few who will admit it), and this seems like a pretty cool option.  Without the bench, the new design is quite small and easily tucked away.  I think the fact that it is now adjustable makes it more attractive to the self spanker at home.  I must admit, I even kind of like the thought of lying down on the bed, remote control in hand, and seeing what I can take.  You can adjust both the speed and the intensity of the strokes with the remote and can give yourself a proper spanking whenever you require one.  I have seen this machine in use on the Howard Stern show as well as on the Hogtied sites and it looks to be much fun, but still a very serious disciplinary tool.

I am very much looking forward to using it on the young ladies at the Institute and I will post pictures and videos here once it arrives and I have put it to good use.  Until then, hop on over to ROBOSPANKER.COM.  They have many pictures of young hotties getting paddled on the Howard Stern show as well as a better description of the product.  Here is a video that shows it in action. 


Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/10 at 11:57 AM


I predict this will be controversial -- if not on this blog, then over on the WSF.

When I was a kid, I had many spanking-machine fantasies, and I still love the concept. Then and now, the impersonality was what appealed to me. The spankee was tied in, couldn't get away or even struggle much. The machine was implacable -- begging, pleading, bribing could have no effect. It could go on forever and never get tired. I thought that being punished by a THING would produce an emotional isolation in the spankee that would add to the suffering.

But for more relationship-oriented (as distinguished from pain-oriented) spankos, the impersonality is exactly what makes it a terrible idea -- pointless, or even worse, a violation of what spanking means and is all about for them.

So I'll be interested to see how this goes.
Posted by  on  02/10  at  11:03 PM | #

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