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Solitary 4.0 and some great self spanking

A couple of weeks ago, on the Fox reality channel, with their show Solitary 4.0, there was more self spanking than anyone could ever hope for on TV.  I caught it on a rerun, which there seems to be plenty of.  The basic concept of the show is that 9 people are locked into individual “pods” and compete against other people, they cannot see or here, with all of this directed by some sort of computer voice.  There are many different “treatments” that they endure, some relating to eating, physical stress, and various other things that put the body and the mind through tough to endure challenges.  The whole point is, that if you are the 1st to quit any challege, then you are eliminated.  The big kicker, is that you do not know if anyone else has quit or not, so you just have to keep going as long as you can.

On the episode called “fight club”, as well as the episode following it, they are given several implements that they are use to smack themselves with.  There is an applause meter setup in each pod, and they have to hit themselves hard enough to register to the red line.  At first they are given a big plastic hand, a spatula, a cookie sheet, and the biggest wooden paddle with holes that you have ever seen.  Upon receiving their implements, before beginning, one of the contestants makes the comment “cool, I hve not been spanked in at least two weeks”.  At 1st, they are required to take an implement chosen for them and just smack themselves however they want, a defined number of times, within 60 seconds.  As things progress, they are required to hit certain parts of their body.  After 15 or so such rounds, all of the implements are retired and they are only allowed to use the wooden paddle on their asses.  It starts with around 10 smacks in a minute, to well over 30 smacks in 90 seconds.  They have to hit themselves pretty hard in order to register on the applause meter in the red zone.  This basically ends up with at least 15 minutes (between the two episodes) of some very hard self paddling action.  The girls that are participating are wearing bikinis and it gets to the point that one of them is in tears.  They often peel back there bikini to check their bottoms and everyone is black and blue before is all over with.  It almost seemed a little more like a Japanese game show that US, but I found it to be quite entertaining to see people spanking their own asses in the mirror.  I would say before it was over, with the exception of the one girl who eventually quit, each person must have taken well over 300 swats with the wooden paddle.  You should have seen the look on one of the girl’s face when it was all over and she had to sit down on the floor.  There is no doubt that this would be considered an effective punishment by anyone’s standards.

If anyone has a frame grab or link to these episodes, please post a comment so I can get the pictures up.  Cheers.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/18 at 09:50 AM


Thanks for this Michael. I look forward to watching it eventually.

I couldn't find a torrent for this show anywhere. However, Hulu has the first 3 seasons here: Hopefully they will have the fourth season up eventually.
Posted by  on  02/18  at  05:42 PM | #
ive seached around like mad to try and find this, but no luck so far.
Really hopes someones able to get hold of it!

Posted by kev  on  02/19  at  05:13 PM | #
The full episode is not available but a preview clip is available on I am looking forward to seeing the clip when it does become available. The paddle does look "for real" smile
Thanks for sharing...
Posted by  on  02/20  at  11:08 AM | #
I watched this, and it was awesome. You can actually download the episode online from Amazon.
Posted by Phil  on  02/20  at  03:35 PM | #
I saw it and enjoyed it
Posted by big g  on  02/20  at  07:33 PM | #
For those looking for the Season 4 episodes of Solitary, you can download the full episodes at this link.

Amazon charges something like $2 per episode, and once you set up an account it keeps the episode in your library to allow repeat viewings. Most of the best paddling is in Episode 2, "Fight Club", although there is also some at the beginning of Episode 3 "A Pain in the Neck." I can't recommend this enough - The Fight Club episode is one of the best mainstream corporal punishment scenes I've ever seen.
Posted by  on  02/27  at  01:50 PM | #
Downloading this at the moment (both eps) --- u can get them here.
Posted by  on  03/01  at  02:54 PM | #
Sorry, the second link (for "A pain in the neck" didn't work, just sat there. Here's the alternative I found, which downloaded fine.
Posted by  on  03/02  at  01:54 PM | #
It is on hulu now:

Posted by gisbs  on  03/19  at  05:40 PM | #

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