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Bizarre Japanese spanking video contest sort of thing

So, this one is a bit different and I would link to only half of it if that was possible.  This essentially is a three girl spanking contest in which a carpet beater is used.  At 1st each girl assumes the position and takes three strokes to her bottom while fully nude, then gets back in line.  This continues for a very long time until the number of strokes they take at one time reaches 40.  One girl quits about half way through, the other two go for a very long time.  I do not like the fact that they continue after the skin has broken.  Now a warning.  After one girl wins the spanking portion of the event, they use a little gumbball looking machine in which the girls are then given some sort of option.  This results in one girl getting peed on and then the other one having sex with the spanker.  This is not typically stuff I would include on my blog, but the context and eventual severity of the spanking is quite unique and unlike anything I have seen before.  For those that are offended by the water sports and such, I would suggest you stop watching after the 2nd girl quits the spanking contest.  This is a very long video and may take quite a while to load completely.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/20 at 10:10 AM


Hi, Mike,

While brutal, it appears as though the 2 girls got about $5,000.00 and $15,000.00, respectively. The first girl to drop out apparently did not get anything as she lays on the mat in the back. The bleeding, which is quite offensive, could have possibly been avoided had a paddle been used. I'll see what my girls think of it here as to whether or not they would go for such a "competition".

Best wishes, Headmaster Ken
Posted by Ken  on  01/20  at  03:33 PM | #
I watched most of this. At first, the two skinny girls (who were both very cute!) seemed completely outmatched -- they were barely making it through 3 swats. The ordinary-sized girl was sailing through. When the first skinny girl dropped out, I was not at all surprised, but WAS surprised to know (ahead of time, because of your description AND the length of the video) how long Skinny Girl Number Two hung in there. She really got her second wind!

It got way too gory for me -- they certainly did NOT stop when skin was first broken. I hope both girls had recent STD tests because they exchanged plenty of bodily fluid via the implement.

I liked the flip counter for swats, but my favorite single thing was the foot and hand prints on the floor to indicate position. I had never seen that before, and somehow never thought of it myself, but once I DID see it, it seemed so obvious and elegant.
Posted by  on  01/21  at  12:04 AM | #
Hi, Mike,
Yes, the foot and hand prints on the floor look great. In fact, 3 of my girls are coming in next week and I just might see what can be done. I think all 3 of them just need some good "competition". Of course, without the large pay-off. Why would one pay a girl to get what she needs??? smile Don't worry, I won't use hand and footprints, but a variation of it, so you can have first take on the scenario.
I was going to mention it to you in another forum, but, yes, the blood bothered me too. Either they do not have AIDS awareness or it is just not thought of too much. I can't believe hitting one girl after the other has bloodied the implement! We have extensive sanitation methods in place even without the blood. Oh well!
Headmaster Ken
Posted by Ken  on  01/21  at  05:26 PM | #
You can't call this brutal when the girls are SMILING and looking happy through it. I wonder how many beautiful girls would love the opportunity to make a quick $15,000 this way. I'm sure thats a lot more than many pretty girls make in 6 months of waiting tables.
Posted by  on  01/24  at  07:11 PM | #
Greg mentioned something I meant to mention, but then forgot. Didn't the girls look awfully happy? They were in distress when the swats were actually landing, but they seemed to get over it so fast; while waiting their next turn they seemed unnaturally cheerful. How could they not be crying? If MY butt was in that condition, I'D be crying, or at least wincing and breathing hard and have my eyes watering. Assuming there were no medications involved, it was rather amazing. I realize money is a powerful motivation, but that would merely keep them in the contest even though they were suffering; it wouldn't keep them from experiencing the suffering.
Posted by  on  01/26  at  12:25 AM | #
I wasn't going to respond, but I believe it is necessary so that others do not believe that beating a girl like this is not "brutal". Yes, the spankings such as these are in fact brutal. Any time that a girl is bleeding, and continues to be hit to make her bleed more, and then the implement is presented as though it is a trophy, showing all of the blood, it is brutal. The girls are smiling? Most girls when being spanked try to suppress the need to cry or show that they are being hurt. They may even smile. That does not mean that the spanking does not hurt. And, they may just "grin and bear it" as they think of all the money they are going to make if they succeed in getting through the beating. But, it is still brutal. Now many spankings seen on these type of sites are not really spankings in that the girls and the spankers are just playing. But this video, and those presented by Real Spankings Network, and, in particular, by Spanked Coeds, are for real. However the ones shown on RSN and Spanked Coeds are not brutal in that the girls are not bleeding all over the place. But no one should believe that just because a girl smiles means that she is somehow "enjoying" it, she isn't. Just because she is being paid a lot of money to be beat, does not mean that it is not brutal, any more than a boxing match is not brutal -- it is. If you are getting your head beat in for the sake of money or being made to bleed all over the place, that is a brutal encounter. Go ahead and enjoy it, but do not minimize what these girls go through so you can enjoy watching them get spanked.
Posted by Ken  on  01/26  at  09:59 AM | #
Damn, those were tough little girls. Brave little girls, unless they murdered someone that was way to hard a punishment smile Must have been a lot of money to keep them going for that contest.
Posted by Outlaw  on  01/29  at  02:01 PM | #
Definitely a very hard punishment and kind of hard to watch as well. I guess I will have to go along with the others that the only reason the girls stuck it out was for the money. Otherwise, I wonder if they would have put up with it in normal circumstances.
Posted by  on  02/06  at  12:57 AM | #
I would'nt like this at all. Tender petite bottoms of tender beautiful girl in competion, no money is worth it to break the skin of these bottoms with a carpet beater. It shows the bottom can take severe punishment without breaking the skin. these girls were brave enough to accept taking part in such a competition. Their petite bottoms harshly beaten was sufficient, there was no need for the extra's.
Posted by franey  on  02/09  at  09:47 AM | #
Brutal no doubt. Gory and bloody no doubt about that either. Entertaining and fascinating yes. It was tough to keep watching at times but the most outstanding feature for me was that the girls were never degraded. They were lauded and encouraged along the way and their natural Oriental charm came smiling through. First time that I have seen a CP movie with a "feel good" ending. I must admit that I am greatly attracted to ladies with a flawless complexion and a charming demeanor. What the French have done to erotic movies, perhaps the Japanese will do to CP movies. Bravo.
Posted by  on  02/13  at  05:32 AM | #

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