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The biggest myth in spanking videos?

Obviously most of us look for spanking videos that have a good sense of realism incorporated into them.  As a producer of spanking videos for over ten years, I have done my best to create realistic scenes.  But, I am just as guilty as everyone else out there when it comes to doing the one thing that I know of very few instances of it actually happening, and that is multi-implement spankings.  Over the years I have obviously had the opportunity to talk to, interview, correspond with, and read detailed accounts of how people were physically disciplined when they were younger.  I personally know of only two instances (in which I believe the source) that a spanking took place in the home in which more than one implement was used.  One was a very early model at who related an experience in which she came home late and her mom was very angry.  The mother instructed the father to paddle this girls butt with the paddle that was always used, but after 5-6 swats, the paddle broke.  The dad figured it was over, but the mother insisted that a belt be used to finish the job.  I also know of another case in which a girl I know from the deep South, was occasionally punished with a belt and then the switch, but only for very serious offenses.

I personally use a progression of implements in scenes, because it is the easiest way to work a model into a harder spanking.  Generally the first couple of implements are used only so I can actually get to the implement of choice for the scene.  There are many implements that the typical model fears, but I have found I can work someone into being spanked with just about any implement, if I choose the right progression of implements to get them there.  But when we are dealing with the reality of a spanking in the home, there is generally little concern for working the person being spanked gently into the experience, and maximum effect is typically the goal from the very beginning. 

In addition to the multi-implement version of spanking we use in video, the varying states of undress also seems to be pretty far from reality.  I have yet to hear a true account from anyone (once again, that I believe) in which their typical spanking involved varying states of undress.  This is not to say that bare bottom spankings are not a reality, but more the fact that just like the implement, whatever state of dress you are made to assume for your spanking is typically how you stay from the beginning to the end.  We like to make a big production about it in spanking videos, but a spanking that starts on the pants, then goes to the panties, and then bare bottom is for the most part, a product of spanking videos.

So am I wrong?  Did you grow up in an environment in which a spanking meant going over the knee for a handspanking and then bending over for a little time with the belt?  Did the first half of your spanking begin on your jeans only to find yourself with your butt bare?  If you committed the most severe offense in your parent’s mind, would you find yourself coming home to see a belt, paddle, and hairbrush sitting on the table?  Or am I right, and this type of situation simply lives in the minds of perverts such as myself?

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/11 at 11:02 AM


I always was spanked in just one state. (Mostly bare bottomed with the hand, from start to finish.) And I find the "gradually undressing" thing of the spanking videos a turn-off.
Posted by  on  07/13  at  11:59 PM | #
Its just my opinion, but sometimes, reality sometimes does not give a good story. What ever the story is, the actual event might not have had to much to fill the required time for film or video. Embellishment is sometimes necessary. You are probably right that a spanking in reality usually did not mean changing implements, or changing the stages of dress. But it also means that the receiver would not have received an ever painful regimen of implements to get to the desired instrument. Its just my opinion, but although I think it "lives in the minds of perverts like us," it probably needs to be that way to make a good story, even if most of it is devoted to a spanking.
Posted by  on  07/14  at  12:39 AM | #
I mostly agree that multi-implement scenes are implausible for domestic/school/institutional discipline. It's usually credible only for dungeon scenes (which generally have no story premise) or interrogation/torture scenes (where implement/target must be changed during a long session to avoid one combination losing effectiveness), and the latter are probably too BDSMy for your sites.

In ONE type of scenario I believe multiple implements (and even more the "slow strip") in a domestic scene -- the kind of scene you like the LEAST, where the spanker is acting impulsively (in contrast to the totally-in-control-of-himself-and-the-spankee style you prefer). If the spanker grabs the spankee, tosses her over his knee, starts whacking her bottom with his hand out of frustration or shock at her misbehavior, realizes that the spanking is not as effective as he wants, and THEN pulls her pants and panties down, takes off his belt or fetches a hairbrush, and resumes the spanking with an implement on the bare, THAT I believe. But it entails the kind of "undisciplined" discipline you dislike.

The other common use of multiple implements or the slow strip is to show a warm up -- the spanker first spanks over clothes, with hand or a less-severe implement, to warm the spankee up so she'll be able to tolerate a more severe implement on the bare. That is plausible in Domestic Discipline with a capital DD -- among consenting adults, who also spank for fun. But probably no parent or guardian CARES whether their spankee is warmed up before taking the hard part of the spanking, OR that she be able to tolerate it well -- or, for that matter, is familiar with the CONCEPT of "warm up" in spanking. They want it to hurt badly from the first swat and would PREFER that the spankee not tolerate it comfortably.

In reality, often the reason for the slow strip in a video has NOTHING to do with ANY "internal" consideration regarding the spanking. It's because the spankee has a red bottom at the BEGINNING of the scene (from shooting other scenes the same day), but whoever's writing the scene doesn't want to explain why the spankee's bottom is already red, so they spank her a bit within the scene before showing her bottom, so no explanation is necessary. THAT use of the slow strip has nothing to do with what fans want or how spankings actually are done, it's purely to conceal the reality of the production process. And I'm sure it will, of necessity, continue.
Posted by  on  07/14  at  11:05 PM | #
A former girlfriend of mine got it with various implements but at different times. I think it was one implement to a session. The exception was it was common for her to have to go out and cut some fresh switches even when she was getting it with the belt. The switches were set out to be used for "extras" if she didn't take her whuppin properly. She was black and grew up in Southern Indiana, which was actually pretty "Southern".
Posted by Marc Anthony  on  07/15  at  12:59 PM | #
My vote is let's just stick to reality. There are plenty of companies making the other kind!!
Posted by  on  07/15  at  02:45 PM | #
Ah, but you left out an important part of your entry. Who were those two models to whom you refer, and which one goes to which incident?

For those interested in factual experiences while growing up, inquiring minds want to know. wink
Posted by  on  07/16  at  12:55 AM | #
Why worry so much about reality? Why worry about having quick plots for most videos? Reality is ugly. It involves a lot of male spankings, cuddles replaced with an uncomfortable feeling of having no rights, no pacing, and not enough bare bottoms.

What fascinates me is the amount of young women being exposed to spanking culture and interacting with it. That really is the most fascinating aspect of AEG. More videos should focus on the aspect of young girls getting into our culture. Recreating childhood spankings is something that can have extreme emotional effectiveness, but is often just a plot for the spanking itself. The young woman is who we are fascinated with.
Posted by  on  07/21  at  09:56 PM | #
I like the look of reality, but it doesn't make for very good videos. Let's face it, real discipline is usually only a handful of really hard swats with a single unimaginative instrument over the pants. Baring yourself would happen from time to time, but this idea of progessively stripping throughout the session I never saw. I also never saw the use of more than one instrument. So, while reality is good to watch, to do it right, you would have to show several very short and intense sessions to make up a whole DVD. Each one would only last a couple of minutes. To make good entertaining videos, you're going to have to indulge in a bit of fantasy. Nothing wrong with that, though. Hollywood makes a killing like that.
Posted by  on  07/23  at  09:26 AM | #

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