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Studio work

Sorry for yet again disappearing, the good news is that I have been hard at work getting the new studio up and running.  Our dream studio (11,000 sq ft) is complete and we have just completed our first 8 weeks of filming.  I post pics from each shoot at the World Spanking Forum the same day that we shoot, so you can always go over there and take a peek to see our newest scenes.  I try to cover many topics on my blog, but for the next few posts, I am going to focus on showing you our latest work.  I will begin to post some recent scenes and new studio pics today.  I am getting back into the work groove, and with the completion of the studio, I will be more available for work on the blog.  I look forward to being part of the online spanking community again.

Michael Masterson

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/06 at 05:54 PM


Congrats on getting the studio done! I look forward to seeing more from the new digs!
Posted by ClosetSpanko  on  02/07  at  07:42 AM | #
I went to the WSF to look for picures from that new studio but couldnt find them.
In what thread should I look?
Posted by  on  02/16  at  04:20 PM | #

Delighted to see that you are back blogging again. And not only that, you bring the news the you have a spiffy new studio and are filming new content.
I'm missed your contributions to our world.

Posted by BlueMark  on  02/18  at  10:17 PM | #

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