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You Tube Spanking

I do not normally post these, as they usually dissapear soon after.  However, this one has great bottoms, a good paddle, and a pretty decent sting.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/01 at 03:45 PM


That's really nice! Just a little harder and it would have been GREAT. But he probably would have been in trouble...
Posted by  on  11/02  at  01:51 AM | #
Thanks for the video. That's a Hofbrauhaus, and when I search Youtube for Hofbrauhaus spanking, I find quite a few of these. When I Google Hofbrauhaus, I find several different restaurants but no "corporate" website; however, when I look at the individual websites (of the ones in the US) they all use the same logo, so it must be a chain. I can't tell if they all have this spanking ritual, or if its only one (though, if it's a chain, it's more likely they all do). However, the one in Las Vegas definitely does; here's a link to a playlist someone assembled with 84 (!) of them. And, while spanking videos on vanilla sites do tend to be short-lived, I think these fully-clothed, "social" videos survive longer.
Posted by  on  11/02  at  05:32 AM | #
What on earth is this? The first girl, in blue, had a divine bottom, did she not?

-Sunny B
Posted by  on  11/03  at  06:59 AM | #
Very good ass!
Posted by Pippo  on  11/04  at  08:43 AM | #
I've been looking for a new job. Now I must find out where this guy works.
Posted by  on  11/04  at  08:44 AM | #
I added this to my playlist of the 84 Hofbrauhaus paddlings (now up to 95 paddlings!). It's the best M/F of the bunch. I had missed it on my monthly YouTube search because the dunderhead who posted it did not use the keywords "spanking" or "paddling" to describe it. Although we should probably forgive him because his camerawork is pretty good.
Posted by Web-Ed  on  11/06  at  05:05 PM | #
Is that what goes on in restaurants?? I really need to take my fiancee out more to eat :-D
Posted by Jason  on  11/07  at  05:52 PM | #

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