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What do you want to see as the next gallery in my free spanking galleries?

It has been a little while since I added a new spanking picture gallery to myfree spanking picture galleries and I wanted some input as to what you all would like to see.  There are many people that have taken the time to register as a member to my blog, so I would love for you all to decide the next gallery.  I have tried to come up with non-traditional galleries, exploring different areas of spanking that you do not always see as galleries.  Currently, the galleries that I already have in place are: Anticipation, Assume the position, Brae Breasted Spanking, Cornertime, Expressions, Marked Bottoms, Naked Punishments, Sore Bottoms, Witnessed, and Wooden Paddle Punishments.  What should be the next spanking picture gallery be?  Let me know in the comments.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/24 at 07:12 AM


Hi Michael,

Your whole network of sites and photos is amazing.

For the free area you wish ideas about lots of OTK from Women Spanking Men. I think that area gets neglected slightly in "free galleries" It would be wonderful to see some of your excellent photos in this genre.

Bill (Canada)
Posted by  on  05/24  at  09:34 AM | #
How about hairbrush spankings?
Posted by  on  05/24  at  01:27 PM | #
How about father / adult (18+) daughter spankings?
Posted by  on  05/24  at  02:01 PM | #
How about otk shots of panties being pulled down..
Posted by norman  on  05/24  at  03:41 PM | #
How about a gallery called "EXPOSED" with photos of young ladies posed for spanking in such a way that their pussies and anuses are visable. Bending over or kneeling or even the diaper position can be positions that can create that delicious spread.
Posted by  on  05/24  at  04:19 PM | #
I would like to see a gallery called STRIPES as in CANE STRIPES. You could show us some close-ups of a well caned bottom.

Thanks for all you do,

Posted by  on  05/24  at  05:28 PM | #
I like fnymn's idea for exposed shots.
Posted by Mark  on  05/24  at  08:18 PM | #
How about a gallery where girls are being undressed in preparation for a spanking? Like girls having their jeans unzipped?
Posted by  on  05/24  at  08:21 PM | #
I think you should post a "Belting" category as this is one of the most practiced in both real life and fantasy play. The wicked individual welts from a heavy belt and the faces of anticipation and fear by your lovely models is very real and spine tingling. Another would be "panties" Those cute bottoms with a little left to your imagination is wonderful!
Posted by  on  05/24  at  11:48 PM | #
I would love to see pics of the women getting turned on when they get spanked, like Jennifer in Jennifer's Punishment when she gets visible turned on.That is the hottest.
Posted by GWARslave  on  05/25  at  03:09 AM | #
I would prefer lots of OTK Fun spankings. To me it does not always need to be serious. Young woman finding out how nice and challenging a spanking can be. Frolicking and turning each other over the knee. Soft slapping turns to harder and at the end both have red cheeks in two places..!
Als0 like the OUTDOORS very much. At the side of a lake, in a forest, in the meadow... There are many places where naughty girls should be spanked for fun or their naughtiness.
PS: Did you have a look at my Group already?
Posted by funbun  on  05/25  at  08:22 AM | #
Cartoons, such as found at Also, any spanking "bench" scenes, or spanking "machines" would be good.
Posted by  on  05/26  at  10:54 AM | #
A gallery of lunge position spanking - preferably naked.
Posted by Emma  on  05/26  at  12:49 PM | #
I'd like to see a Gallery of panty spankings. I find it very sexy, unfortunatly, too many girls wear thongs now days. Great blog btw!
Posted by beltman  on  05/27  at  04:47 AM | #
i hope to see lady d spanked nudly
Posted by  on  05/28  at  06:00 AM | #
anticipation shots would be nice to add to. I think i saw one once of Brandi holding a small oval paddle, fully dressed, but looking anxious.

I would like some aftermath shots too. I remember one of a gal in a yellow dress in the corner, hands behind her back, panties down, with someone who looks vaguely like lady d right behind her with hairbrush in hand.
Posted by  on  05/28  at  06:58 AM | #
Can I put in a request for spanking/caning/paddling over tight jeans? I would especially like very tight jeans, showing the jeans being pulled up tight, perhaps the girl herself pulling the jeans tight!!
Posted by  on  05/29  at  01:48 PM | #
I would like to see scenarios of "public" or "witnessed" spankings and paddlings, either at school, worksite, street or outdoor settings. Also, some judicial, police and military administrations of "justice" would be good.
Posted by  on  05/30  at  10:40 PM | #
I recognize your orientation toward male spanking female. I really like your material, and feel much is applicable to the female spanking male scenario. Being a submissive male, I would like to see more articles oriented towards wives disciplining husbands, male needs/wants/desires to be disciplined by females, earlie male experiences with female domination and punishment by women.
Thanks, Walt
Posted by  on  06/09  at  07:19 AM | #
I would like to see some cheerleaders being spanked. I am a cheerleader, and I know that we usually are in a spankable mood.

Posted by  on  06/09  at  02:57 PM | #
I would like to see mature women being spanked. As I am 70 yrs old and have been into spanking since playing spanking games with my little girl playmates at the age of 4 or 5 I have often wondered if they grew up to like being spanked. At my age I would like to see regular ordinary older women probably mostly on the larger size but whatever there any pictures like that around and also like the public punishment photos although in reality women nowadays are very seldom sentenced to cp let alone in public and Ive seen enough males from malaysia pakistan or singapore publicly punished thanks ..Dave
Posted by  on  09/01  at  04:33 PM | #

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