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The use of the switch as a punishment implement.



The switch is a punishment implement that was a pretty common implement of correction, but that seems to have slowly faded in popularity over time.  During all of the various corporal punishment interviews I have conducted, I have only ever had two girls that I can recall that had the switch used on them, and in both cases it was from a grand parent, which demonstrated that its use is a bit dated.  The only person I have ever known personally that had the switch used on them with any regularity is a young lady I went to college with.  All of her spankings up until the age of 14 included the use of the switch and in every instance it was used exclusively on the backs of thighs and her calves, having never once felt it on her bottom.  She made it very clear that this was a very difficult punishment to endure.

While limited in its use in our studio, we have featured a few spanking videos that involve the use of the switch.  Personally, I like to use the switch during a spanking.  It incorporates a couple of elements that I find quite powerful in a spanking scene.  The first is the involvement of the person to be spanked in their own punishment.  This certainly exists in most spankings to a certain degree.  It can be as simple as them bending over and as drawn out as sending them to get the implement.  But with a switch, you add a whole different element in their involvement and their assistance in their own punishment.  Sending someone out to pick their own switch can be a very powerful thing.  First, you have simply added the time that they have to think about the pain that is about to be applied to their butt.  Then you factor in the choice they have to make when picking the switch.  I can think of no other punishment implement that actually has the naughty girl spending so much time contemplating what exactly it is going to feel like.  Too big of a switch can be brutal, too small and there is an added sting that does not exist with the larger ones.  Most people sent for a switch are also contemplating that they were just told something to the effect of “if you do not pick a good one, I will pick one myselfâ€?.  Once the switch is chosen then they are on the matter of cleaning it properly for its application.  Which each leaf peeled they know they are one step closer to feeling it on their bare skin.  What I really like is that they are not just being bent over and having their bottom smacked, they are spending a great deal of time assisting in the creation of the implement that will be used on them.  No other implement creates such involvement from the person in trouble.



Another factor that I like is that it seems almost traditional to use a switch well below the bottom.  Great care must always be exercised when spanking someone’s thighs, but a switch allows a lot of freedom, without the added risks of heavier implements.  A switch is very thin and can easily be broken with two fingers.  The pain comes from the sting and not much impact, so it is much more specific to the skin without involving all of the underlying muscles that are so close to the surface on the backs of the thighs.  Every switching I have ever applied has involved to thighs to a certain degree and some the thighs were the primary emphasis.  The picture below is from a mini movie we filmed for which is currently the most watched set of clips on the site.  Most of the popularity comes from the three strapping videos in which I apply the hardest belt punishment of my life to all three girls, but the switching scene is very intense and brings all three young ladies to tears.  It is clear during the videos that the thighs are really what got to them.  I started on their bottoms and heard some muffled groans, but when I began one of three passes down their legs, groans quickly turned to tears.  The switch is a very effective implement, but please use caution and know how to prepare it.  A poorly prepared switch almost always leads to broken skin.  As spankers, it is our duty to see to the safety of those in trouble.



Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/24 at 01:24 PM


You are so right about the switch being a popular oldtime instrument of discipline. This was certainly true in the rural Southern community where I grew up in the 50s and 60s. It was even used by some teachers(grade school) as an alternative to the paddle.
And its true its use has declined. For one thing since we have become a more urban society,it is much less easy to go outside and cut one. Can't very well do it in an apartment building with no trees or bushes.
Yes, using the switch on the bare legs was very common then. Many an older lady(including some of my own relatives) would recall the time she or someone "got her naked legs switched." Not that bottoms always got spared.
A switch of course leaves marks or as they would say "stripes" on the victims legs. Needless to say, no wearing shorts or swimsuits for some time, as everyone seeing her would know what had happened.
I often wonder back in the 40s and 50s when corporal punishment was more common in society, and female clothing had started to get more revealing, if some conservative parents might well have used the switch on the legs of daughters who wore short shorts or bikinis. There was a song in the 50s called "Who Wears Short-Shorts?" Certainly not girls who had gotten their legs switched. And of course later there was the mini-skirt, same situation. But CP was falling out of favor by then, the late 60s.
Nowadays if you mention switches on spanking boards, people think you are referring to people who both Top and bottom. Times do change.
Posted by  on  11/24  at  03:40 PM | #
Switches are awful. I never received it growing up, but I did see a neighbor boy get it pretty bad once. Was definitely not something I wanted any part of.

My boyfriend tried one on me, and well, I had almost no tolerance for it. The sting was almost unbearable.
Posted by  on  11/25  at  11:31 AM | #
I am very interested in getting more info on switching. Do you know of any websites dedicated to the practice? Also, what kind of tree or shrub is best for switching?

Thank you for posting this article.
Posted by  on  11/25  at  07:43 PM | #
I have specialized in the application of adult consensual erotic and/or disciplinary switchings. I emphasize both the very evocative psychological aspects of the bottom's participating in switch selection and preparation, as well as the art of preparing switch rods, and their subsequent infliction to naked bottoms and other nearby anatomical features.

I believe a properly and skillfully applied switching is the ultimate corporal punishment experience, and will be terrifically effective if employed as a serious behavioral intervention and deterrent. Switchings employed erotically or "playfully," and not for sincere behavioral intervention, result in what bottoms have told me was their most extreme "edge" spanking experience.

The extremity of a really good switching creates intense intimate transference and bonding between the Top and bottom. Switchings usually require nurturant/and empathic physical and emotional aftercare.

I've done some technical writing on the "how to's" of administering effective switchings dealing with technique, as well as, the creation of psychodynamics which greatly magnify the impactfulness of the switching expereince for the recipient. If anyone is interested in pusuing and deepening the exploration of this topic, I'm happy to correspond or share information/experiences more broadly.

All the bestsmile


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.
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