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Public Display of Implements

I have always wondered if the displaying of implements that are used to spank really works as a deterrent to bad behavior.  It seems to me that if the spanking is applied forcefully, then the person who was spanked has a clear mental reference, that will either deter future bad behavior or it will not.  I question if the public placement of the implement used has any additional effects.

Regardless, at least when I was growing up, this seemed to be a common practice.  I related the account of Traci, in which her parents stored a small wooden stake with sanded edges on the mantle above the fireplace.  It was not super obvious; she actually had to point it out to me before I ever noticed it on my own.  I did however notice it every single time I went in her house after that day.  My best friend, who along with his sister, was punished with a belt until at least the age of 15.  The belt seemed to be used exclusive for smacking their bottoms and was kept in the family room, folded over a cart that held TV trays.  Three doors down from me was a girl a couple of years younger than me and we did not really hang out all that much, but I did end up in her house on various occasions.  Hanging on the doorknob of the hall closet was a large wooden brush, what I think you would refer to as a “clothes brush”, and when I asked her what it was for, it was clear from the various shades of red she turned and her stuttering response, that it was applied to her and her sister’s bottoms.  She would not admit it, but there was no doubt that this was its intended use in her house.  Dee has also described for me that paddle that hung on the wall of her best friend’s living room.  It was the first time she had ever seen a “Spencer Paddle”, a wooden paddle with holes drilled into it.  Apparently it became a fixture in their living room when her friend’s mom remarried.  I guess the step-dad decided that his hands were full with the discipline of his two teenage step-daughters and that a paddle would help.

I can’t even imagine how horrifying it must have been to not only be in a house in which you were punished with various implements, but to also have these implements displayed in a public way for your friends to ask about.  Some of the implements were pretty obscure and had various uses around the house, but a wooden paddle with holes, hanging on the wall of the living room is a hard one to explain to your friends. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 02:41 PM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.


I have a very similiar story. I was over a female friends house when i was 15(she was 15 too). She was a friend of my girlfriend, and we were hanging out, playing cards, being stupid, etc. Well, i knocked a book off of her wooden bookcase in the living room. When i went to pick it up, i noticed that a little leather strap also fell. At first, i really had NO IDEA what it could be used for, UNTIL i saw the look on her face when i picked it up. She turned bright red and just stared. Of course now EVERYONE had to know what it was for, and a few of us quickly figured it out. The rest of the night was spent with her answering question after question. "Who spanks you with it" ..."my dad"..."Over your clothes"..."nope, only over underwear, and even with nothing covering me depending on what i did"..."Does he send you to your room?"..."no, he calls me into the living room, tells me to pull my pants down and either go over his lap or bend over"..."Aren't you too old?"..."My brother is 16, and he gets it too"...."Did you ever see it?".."yup, we've been spanked together many times, for bad grades, suspension, attitude, etc"..."you see your brothers naked butt(laughter in the room)?"..."we don't even think about that, he sees mine too, but we're too afraid to worry about it"..."Does it hurt? Do you cry?"...."LOOK at this THING! Of course, i cry even before he starts" Literally 2 hours of talking about this. To US, this was very uncommon. We were all really shocked, especially that she hid it so well. Her brother too, he was one of those cool kids, one who was never easily shaken, and he's STILL getting spanked, HERE, in Massachusetts at 16. that was a BIG eye opener for me, my girlfriend(who also got spanked I would later find out), and our other friends. Your story reminded me of all this. Hmm. Memories.....

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Yes, I would think that seeing an implement on a daily basis would be a deterrant. For someone who grows up in an environment where spanking is the norm though, it may be no big deal. I would think it would be more embarrassing for older children, say age 10 and up.

For me personally, seeing an implement that I feared would deter any mis-behavior. Especially if I had NO say in its application to my bottom. red face
Posted by vIXEN  on  03/30  at  10:36 AM | #
I was a foster child in the late 70's. one of my foster parents had a friend he liked to visit a lot. I knew their kids were spanked. There was a paddle hanging on the side of the fridge in their house that fascinated me. It was like a wide ruler with a handle. It had a drawing of someone being smacked with it while laying over a log. The caption on it said "to Hell with psychology". Thankfully it was never used on me. that particular foster father only used his bare hand on me and that was bad enough.
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The belt that got my through my teenage years hung from a nail in the inside of my closet door. Every time I opened the closet it would make a little noise against the door and I would notice it. It was one of my father's old belts. I would usually get about ten licks with it. Not too bad considering some of the stories I hear on places like this.
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