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School corporal punishment paddling

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that I kind of have a thing for school corporal punishment.  For me it came about in 1981 when I moved to Texas and started attending middle school at a school in which school paddling was alive and well.  Going through puberty, and being a young spanko, this did so much to fuel all of my fantasies.  Walking through the halls, checking out the bottoms of the teen girls, in their skin tight 80’s jeans, and knowing that if they misbehaved, that they could be paddled, was almost too much for my horny young mind.

I think for many of us, our first real introduction to spanking, as hardwired spankos, helps to influence the things we want to see, and participate in, in real life.  This is why I think my fondness for school corporal punishment has never gone away.  I also think that it is a result of school corporal punishment still being alive and well, all the way up to the high school level.  I am not a big fan of kids getting spanked, but the thought of an 18-year-old girl, a senior in high school, still having the option to take a paddling, if she chooses it as a punishment, to be quite attractive.

There are very few cases, outside of parental spanking, in which true corporal punishment exists.  Yes, there are many adults who practice corporal punishment and spanking in their lives.  Often this is roleplay, and in some cases, it might actually be disciplinary in nature.  But we are still talk about two consenting adults, engaging in an action that they both find quite exciting. Don’t get me wrong, there is much fun to be had here, as needs to be the case, as this is really all we have to work with as adult spankos.  But even with real discipline, for real offenses, on some level, both parties are enjoying the process.

The core of my spanking fetish is centered on someone getting in trouble, for a behavior or action they knew was not allowed, and them being spanked as a result.  There is nothing about the spanking that they find exciting, masturbate to, or anything else…it is something to be completely dreaded.  This is the general purpose of spanking, to physically punish someone for their behavior, in a manner intended to prevent them from ever engaging in this behavior again.  Outside of childhood, well and maybe judicial (which is something that I do not find sexy), corporal punishment does not really exist in the real world, in which at least some degree of “play” and desires are involved.

But all across the South, there are still young ladies, of legal age, that find themselves bending over for a good paddling on a very regular basis.  Often this takes place in a manner that fits very nicely with my kinky spanko mind.  A girl breaks a clearly defined school rule, knowing that if she is caught, that she may be facing a trip to the office.  This was not an accidental infraction, she committed the offense knowing full well that there could be consequences for said action.  She is caught and sent to the office, to see a male or female vice principal that she may not know very well, or even have talked to before.  The VP has no personal connection to this girl, is not angry at the girl, but does happen to be in the position of handling discipline at that school.  This administrator takes their job very seriously and does their very best to handle all disciplinary referrals in a manner intended to cut down on the number of students that end up in their office.

Well, if this is one of the many states that still allow corporal punishment, it may indeed be an option.  School regulations are well defined nowadays, and generally what someone can be paddled for is clearly spelled out.  Some schools require that corporal punishment is an option to be chosen by the student, others can use it as long as the parents have not sent in a form opting their child out of being paddled.  Regardless of how we actually end up to the point of a young lady bending over and presenting her bottom, for the purposes of being paddled, this still takes place on a very regular basis.  I know that the schools that I attended in which paddling was utilized, it was quite a serious event.  Yes, district policy specifies how many swats can be given, but the ones I was in earshot of, echoed throughout the building and often left a young lady in tears.

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This all feeds my fantasies quite nicely.  We are talking about legal adults, engaging in a behavior that is against the rules.  They are caught and there will be consequences for their actions.  A calm, polite, yet stern authority figure is responsible for deciding how they should be punished.  This administrator will gain no pleasure from applying a paddling, but is still intent on doing the best job possible to assure good behavior in the future.  The young lady in trouble is not going to be abused, she is simply going to be paddled for her behavior.  No one is going to hold her down and administer her punishment, instead she is going to have to assume a designated position, present her bottom, and do her very best to hold still until the lesson is over.  In a safe and controlled manner, a large wooden school paddle is going to be applied forcefully to her bottom.  It will not be ornamental in nature and the entire purpose will be to bring a considerable amount of pain to her bottom.  If all goes as intended, she may have a few tears in her eyes, and she will most certainly have a bottom that is sore for at least the rest of the day.  What is not to love about every single bit of this?  This is real corporal punishment, being administered in a safe but effective manner, to the bottom of a young lady, yet still a legal adult, that has earned it.

All of this is why I film so very many paddling scenes for and  Yes, we film all sorts of paddling scenes, from fully nude to fully clothed, as I need to try and cover a wide variety of tastes and preferences.  But my main focus when filming a school paddling scene is realism.  I rarely apply more than 10 swats, as very few school districts go any higher than that.  I generally try and have the model wear what is typical in high school currently, so there are a lot of paddlings administered over tight jeans.  However, with the popularity of booty shorts and yoga pants, we have been filming quite a bit more of these over the last year.  The paddles I use for school scenes are close to the dimensions used in the typical high school.  I do not provide a warm-up of any kind when applying a school paddling, as what administrator, ever, tried to apply a paddling in a manner intended to make it easy for the person in trouble.  As a result, the first swat is just as hard as the last.  Being that I do not have to worry about parental lawsuits, I probably paddle a little harder than the typical administrator.  They have to be a little concerned about bruising a young lady’s bottom, but for me it is the goal.

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We also do a lot to explore the actual effectiveness of school paddling though our “School Swats” series.  This is where we sit down with a model, ask about any school corporal punishment experiences she may have had, and then interview her on her basic thoughts regarding the fact that school paddling is still alive and well.  Once the interview is done, we look at her bare bottom for a comparison, so we know what effect the paddling had.  I present her with a scenario, like getting caught smoking at school, and then she bends over.  I give her 10 full force swats with a heavy school paddle, requiring that she stay in position throughout.  When all is said and done, we then find out how effective it actually was.  I ask them if this would do anything to change their behavior at school if they were still a senior, and the answer is generally yes.  Some of the diehard spankos simply want more, but that is not the norm.  The model is then asked to show us her bare bottom again, and it is generally quite bruised on the lowest portions of her butt, where she feels it most when she sits.

I know our website looks outdated and many of you have not been to our member’s area in years.  While the site is a little dated, the content is not, and we have not missed any of our three updates a week in 17 years.  We are also filming in HD now, giving you crisp and amazing high res videos.  To give you a sample of what we have done as far as school paddling, both for Realspankings and RealspankingsInstitute, I have uploaded a large number of school paddling gifs to the free galleries.  This shows you just some of the highlights from the last several months.  You can take a look at all of these HERE.  Please take a look, and if school paddling at all interests you, you have come to the right place.  We are filming some of the best content we ever have, with new models every month.  The paddlings are very real, lead to bruised bottoms and tears, and show exactly what a real school paddling is all about.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/10 at 08:01 AM


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