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Realspankings Pass

I started my 1st spanking site, in 1997 and it was as simple as me spanking my wife on camera based on requests from our members.  We were the 1st company to film spanking videos exclusively for the internet and our business quickly grew.  16 years later we are still active and have the largest database of spanking videos in the world.  Clearly our operation and sites have grown a lot since the early days and it is almost impossible to track all of the exclusive videos and pictures that we have created.  But I am going to give it a shot here.  With the all site membership offered with our you have access to:
Current Images: 74,856
Video Files: 9,740
Total Scenes: 1,723
Current Images:71,606
Video Files: 5,846
Total Scenes: 1,569
Current Images: 11,347
Video Files: 1,035
Total Scenes: 204
Current Images: 19,135
Video Files: 1,398
Total Scenes: 322
Current Images: 28,084
Video Files: 1,872
Total Scenes: 470
Video Files: 3,826
Total Scenes: 880
Video Files: 4,741
Total Scenes: 997
Current Images: 27,801
Video Files: 4063
Total Scenes: 284

There are many sites and passes that claim a ton of content, but these numbers do not lie and no one can come close to the sheer volume of exclusive spanking content available on our sites. With you have immediate access to:
6449 Total Scenes
These scenes presented from multiple camera angles which always features a butt and a face view of the spanking provide:
32521 different video files
We shoot still images for all of our scenes, and with all sites combined there are currently:
332833 Total images

These figures are current as of today and these numbers are specific to the content that is available for download right now and is available to every member of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/14 at 09:36 AM


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