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New School Corporal Punishment Paddling Videos

We have been producing a lot of new school paddling videos for the member’s area of lately.  Our most recent one with Kiki is currently the highest rated video on our site.  I think it is a combination of her youthfulness, the severity of the paddling, and just the overall realism in the video.  While ten licks a little more than the typical school applies, I think the severity of the paddling and her tears are right on point with how a real school paddling takes place.  No previews today...just the entire video as my present to you.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/16 at 09:42 AM


Damm, I would also like to ass tackle
Posted by ShinyLady  on  04/19  at  02:49 AM | #
Very impressive I have always loved your videos, and they are the most realistic videos I have seen from any source. Thanks. Kiki is great
Posted by  on  04/22  at  10:31 AM | #
Ten is a lot, but I find broken paddles and removing clothing during the punishment break the realism more, thanks a ton for this!
Posted by visitor  on  05/07  at  06:20 AM | #
Would be cool if you did some 3-5 swat mini videos. They'd be very realistic, and audiences have short attention spans these days.
Posted by SpankSea  on  05/12  at  07:44 PM | #

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