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Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed

Today I released a two part, almost three hour, PPV special that features realistic corporal punishment to young ladies while they are fully nude.  These movies are now available at Spanking Library. Description and trailer below.

There are those times is which a basic spanking is just not enough to get the point across.  Some punishments require the addition of something else to make that spanking truly memorable.  This 90 minute production features punishments in which naughty young ladies are required to strip fully naked for a very embarrassing punishment.  From single girl punishments, all the way up to four girls being spanked at one time, they are required to assume exposed and embarrassing positions while hard corporal punishment is applied.  In most cases, they are left naked and on display in corner time, as a reminder to others as to what happens when they misbehave.  Through the use of the hand, belts, straps, paddles, rulers, and the wooden spoon, these young ladies learn very real lessons while Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/24 at 10:01 AM


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