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Spanking Model Profile, Sarah

A look at the highly popular spanking model, Sarah, from

Beautiful Sarah waits for the first swat from the paddle

A little more than a year ago we were wonderfully surprised when Sarah walked into our studio for an interview.  While we get many hot models in our studio, it was clear that Sarah was a full on hottie.  Beyond her amazing looks it was quite nice to discover that she was as smart as they come.  The one unknown was if she could take a spanking or not.

With her skirt up and her panties down, Sarah receives a bare bottom paddling while in a cheerleader uniform

It was clear during her very first scene with us that she was as comfortable as she could be with her body.  While her breasts are about as small as they come, she had nothing to hide.  After we shoot a girl’s profile video, while the cameras and lights are moved about, we always give them a robe.  Sarah declined the robe as was happier to just be naked.  She even stated that it was possible that she was a “closet nudist?.  When the girl in question has a bottom as amazing as Sarah’s, we certainly had no issues with her running around naked for most of the day.

Forced to get fully naked for her punishment, Sarah is spanked hard while in the diaper position

We discovered early on that Sarah could not take a very hard spanking.  But for us, it does not have to be a brutal spanking as long as the model’s reactions are real.  We got the same results from handspanking Sarah as we do when we paddle some models, so the resulting video was always good.  On many occasions, from a spanking that only seemed moderate in severity, Sarah was punished until to the tears flowed.


She has been featured on both and  To date, we have filmed 38 different scenes with Sarah with all but a few having both photo and video sets.  She also has the distinction of being the only model to try and pad her bottom before a scene.  When preparing for her “School Strokes? video, in which she was to receive 6 hard strokes over her pants, I noticed a strange noise as I delivered the first stroke.  Upon further investigation, we realized that she had folded up paper towels and put them in her back pockets.  We were quite amused, and needless to say, the paper towels were removed and we started again from the first stroke.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/07 at 03:24 PM


That's such a cute story about Sarah trying to pad her jeans!
Posted by Jazzdrummer  on  01/10  at  08:44 AM | #
Has Sara's tolerance for pain increased with time or is she still as tender as she was when she started? Mary
Posted by  on  01/26  at  12:21 PM | #
Yes, Sarah is definately my favorite model. The hottest and one of the most realistic when it comes to punishment videos. That ability to take lighter spanking as if it was harder gives her an advantage of being more successful than the others. People always find it more enjoyable when the girl actually cries.

I doubt it, but it would be interesting if Sarah had a myspace or other contact or personals site. It would be interesting to interview her.
Posted by  on  04/03  at  01:37 AM | #

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