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Breasts Bared for a Spanking

A focus on breasts in spanking videos.

Michelle displays her amazing breasts as she grabs her knees and receives a hard paddling with a wooden school paddle

Let’s face it, most of us that are into spanking have a thing for beautiful bottoms.  It is always the main focus of the camera, with a camera on the face being a close second.  But most of us (males at least), also have a love for beautiful round breasts.  Unfortunately, many spanking videos do not allow us a good peek at some of the wonderful breasts many spanking models have.  At I have tried to champion the cause for breast lovers across the world.  We have a series entitled “bare breasted teen spankings” in which each girl is forced to have her breasts bared before her punishment.  To add to the excitement, she does not bare her breasts, they are bared for her.  We also include a camera at floor level that let’s you see her breasts dangling in all of their glory.

Over the years we have had many models that have magnificent breats and I have compiled a gallery that highlights some of my favorite pictures that show their breasts while bending over for their punishment.  You can visit this gallery in our free images section, here is the link to the Bared Breast Spankings Gallery

If there is a gallery that you would like me to create that highlights some aspect of spanking that is not currently represented in my free galleries, just leave a comment on this post and I will see if I can put together what you are looking for.  This is an interactive blog and you will be surprised at what you will get if you leave a comment and ask for it.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/07 at 05:47 PM


I liked the bare breasted gallery (being a man) but I would have preferred to see more faces above the breasts. The expression on the face is the main thing.

Posted by  on  01/15  at  12:04 PM | #
I like the bared breasts too. It adds much to the humiliation and embarrassment of the girl being punished. Along with that I would like to see an album of pictures of the model's faces as the paddle and its pain burn from nose to toes. That is the expression on the girl's face as she gets the first lick of the paddle, strap or cane. The expression of pain on their faces is beautiful and pricesless. Maryn
Posted by  on  01/26  at  06:33 PM | #

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