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Mass Schoolgirl Caning from Vietnam

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In today’s world of cell phones and tiny video cameras, real school corporal punishment being captured on camera is becoming more common. You often wonder how much of this still goes on throughout the world, but as this clip from Vietnam shows, corporal punishment is alive and well.  In this clip, there are more than a dozen teen school girls (possible dozens based on the line) being punished by female school teachers, using a cane.  These are not playful little strokes, these are full on strokes with a follow through like a strapping.  One at a time the girls come up and lay down on a bench of some sort.  The actual contact is not visible, but you can see and hear the punishment taking place.  Each girl gets five strokes and then gets back into a line of girls, that probably all just went through the same thing.  I am not hosting this clip, it is located at

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/06 at 02:02 PM


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