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Is a realistic punishment too much to ask for?

It is probably clear to most of you that what I like the most when it comes to spanking is the belt and the paddle.  I love to see either of this used in a highly realistic way, which can indeed include it being used over clothing.  In fact, this is why I like the paddle so much, is that it is effective over whatever someone is wearing at the moment.

Over the years I have watched less and less spanking content as, for the most part, it does very little for me as the realism has been lost.  I know there are many of you that like to watch fun and erotic spankings in which there is very little in the way of pain being applied, but that is not just me.  I see spanking as a form or discipline, a punishment, and it is something that needs to be applied in a manner that it is very clear that the person on the receiving end wants it to stop.

If I am going to pay for a subscription to a spanking site, I want to see the real thing.  Yes, these are paid models; I understand that, so it can only be so real.  But you know what is real? Putting a little bit of effort into your swing and teaching the person being spanked a proper lesson. Is that too much to ask for?  I want to see a spanking applied in a manner that looks like a lesson is being learned.

What I want to see is a scene in which there is minimal acting, just enough to for me to know why she is in trouble.  I then want to see a belt come off and pants come down.  I do not want to listen to a long lecture, and I do not want to see her spanked in a manner that is intended to make it easy on her.  Do not spank her gently with a belt 150 times, lecturing the whole time, to finally give her 5 good ones at the end.  I would rather see 20 strokes applied in a serious manner and then it be over.  Please give me 30 seconds of good content and not 3 minutes of garbage.

Here, for you producers out there, let me give you an example.  Here are two animations, from the last two on-camera strappings that I administered.  Bare bottom, heavy leather belt, as hard and fast as I can swing…each girl got 30 strokes.  No bullshit, no faking, no long drawn out scene…a REAL PUNISHMENT! Is that too much to ask?  And for the record, these animations are not sped up, they are actually slowed down .05 seconds. From the last 2 full HD strapping updates at

spanking picture

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/15 at 04:02 PM


It's your site and if you want to give real punishment spankings, so be it. I have been an off and on subscriber back to the days when it was just two of you. Lately, not a subscriber, as the spankings cross my threshold of being too hard and all about punishment. I enjoy the spanking variety of other sites, with some punishment, some erotic, some fantasy, good photo stories, etc. IMO, Sara was the best spankee and she got the lightest spankings. The current spanking marketplace is wide open, giving producers the opportunity to film exactly what they love and buyers to shop for their favorites. In my case, Real Spanking's older content was more to my liking. Cheers.
Posted by  on  01/16  at  08:54 PM | #
Entirely aside from the point you were making (with which I agree, even though it makes me feel self-conscious about the amount of lecturing I wanted to do when I shot my scenes), those are two very attractive, shapely, pleasingly plump bottoms you are belt-spanking in the clips. Very nice.
Posted by  on  01/17  at  02:41 AM | #
Well you ought to love Lupus then. But ATP and Firm Hand are both good.
Posted by  on  01/24  at  09:00 PM | #

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