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Fresh Faces on my sites



We always strive to bring you the newest and hottest spanking models on my various websites, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek of a couple of our newest models.  These models have done shoots for both and (you can join both at a discounted rate at and their scenes will begin to be posted in early August.



They are both young and very cute, with an enthusiasm that is visible on camera.  One of them is very into being spanked and is currently involved in a disciplinary relationship in which she is frequently punished.  The spankings she receives have nothing to do with sex, they are purely disciplinary.  We look forward to a long working relationship with both of these young ladies and you will be seeing a lot of them on my sites in the future.  They are not just young and hot, they can take a hard spanking as well.  Take a look at the bottom blistering that one of them received from the Coach with a wooden paddle.  There was no doubt that she was reminded of that paddling everytime she sat for a few days.

Click the “MORE” link for additional preview photos from their first shoots. 

















Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/19 at 10:29 AM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites


TO Mr. M
(1) I agree, the new girls above are both beautiful and hot. Could you possibly share their names with us?

(2) Do you know what month we will be seeing more of the very cute new model Jackie (beyond her 7/8/05 Punishment Profile) and on what site?

(3)Do you know if and when we will see more of RSI model Andi who was featured in a few videos there (1/14/05 Andi's Arrival and more on 1/26/05 and 2/2/05)? As it has 4 1/2 months since her last RSI video clip, I am wondering if she is still with you.

Posted by  on  07/19  at  04:11 PM | #
I hope I'm not out of line to answer a question that's addressed to Mr. M, not me. But this information is on the World Spanking Forum message board, which is a publicly accessible site, so it doesn't seem like I'm revealing anything I shouldn't.

The first model pictured is Macey, introduced in this thread on the WSF board: .

The second is Bailey, introduced here: .
Posted by Michael  on  07/19  at  05:48 PM | #
Mr. M

My question (1) is answered above. Can you please respond to (2) and (3)?

Posted by  on  07/19  at  06:01 PM | #
Hi! I'm a shameless slut, who needs attention for her blog. I know I'm not mainstream, but I am blogworthy, and possibly sploogeworthy. Consider this link your fulfillment of affirmative action for average pedestrians. You've been served. So spank me! Love Unlimited!
Posted by spankmewithaspoon  on  07/19  at  08:10 PM | #
rasberry OOOps! Can't spell. Definately need my brains spanked back into place. Thanky.
Posted by spankmewithaspoon  on  07/20  at  01:34 PM | #
Posted by SS  on  07/22  at  01:49 AM | #
It looks like both of these lovely ladies are going to fit in just fine at AEG.

According to the bottom pic here..Bailey shows quite a bit of promise as a fantastic young AEG model. I love those bulls eyes she's sporting on her cute litte butt in that last one.
Posted by  on  07/26  at  02:43 PM | #
The girl in picture 'fresh_faces_25.JPG' - oh, lord, yum. She must be mine.
Posted by Karl Elvis  on  07/28  at  12:25 PM | #
Your young, gorgeous models are outstanding. Why not have some trim 35 - 45 year old babes. They probably have experienced more, need the money and are more appreciative. Not to cast any negativity toward your current crew, but some mature butts (not flabby) whould be cool.

Posted by  on  09/04  at  06:38 PM | #
I believe my butt fits your request, Mr. Rivers. Check out my archives. I am not "professional". And I do my own photography.
Posted by spankmewithaspoon  on  09/06  at  10:34 AM | #
Damn, that model in fresh_Faces_1.jpg is cute as hell. I'm still a big fan of spanked black girls though. Would love to see you do a gallery of them on here.

-Jesus Slut Spanker
Posted by  on  09/11  at  09:00 PM | #
Dear, Spanking Blog;

I like to know more about Teen Brandy and Jessica
i,ve been a avid fan of their sites for 3 yrs
especially Brandy I really fond of not only
her beauty but the fact that she that she`s
intelligent and has a lot of class as well

I currently showing intrest in getting involve
in spanking films as an actor but I,m a guy
and I don,t think I,ll get another opportunity.
Posted by  on  10/17  at  03:30 PM | #

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