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Firmhand Spanking, School Paddles, Hot Models, and Naked Discipline

I always keep my membership current at Firm Hand Spanking and as I was downloading pictures today from recent updates that I enjoyed, I found myself wondering what the appeal is.  I think the primary thing about Firm Hand Spanking that is most appealing is the use of large wooden school type paddles.  As you have seen on my own sites, the wooden paddle is one of my favorite implements.  They not only use a realistic school paddle, but most often, it is used with the young lady grabbing her ankles.  Maybe it is because this is the way school punishments typically happened where I grew up, or maybe I just like the way it presents a young ladies’ bottom.  Either way, I am never disappointed when I visit their site, because the board is used often.  I think the paddling is at just the right intensity as well, it always leaves each young lady’s pretty bottom with just the right amount of purple and there is no doubt that they leave each day feeling the effects of the discipline they received.

Another thing that is quite appealing is the models they use.  It seems every few months they add a model that really does it for me.  The most recent additions of Alison Miller and Tiffany Hendricks, do much for me.  These young ladies very much fit the part of a naughty 18 year old that still gets her bottom blistered at home.  I like the recent addition of the interviews they have been doing in which each girl speaks candidly about how naughty she was growing up and how often her bottom was really punished when she was bad.  The final factor that seems to be included quite often in their videos is that of nudity.  I have always gone both ways in regards to how I feel about nudity in spanking videos.  Unlike many of you out there, I like fully clothed discipline.  I find it to be quite realistic; being this is much more common in the real world.  But, if we are going to remove some clothing for a spanking, you might as well get all of it off.  Firm Hand Spanking always features many updates in which the young lady is fully nude or topless for her spanking, and the recent updates did not disappoint in this area.

Click any image for a full sized version.  All pictures come from current videos appearing in the member’s area of Firm Hand Spanking.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/22 at 02:07 PM


There is no link to a larger image for #11. Woman in a blue shirt, black panties wrapped around her ankles. That was the first image my eyes jumped to.
Posted by Bob  on  02/24  at  10:25 AM | #
Check Allison and another work there also. Its a club in LA
Posted by big G  on  02/25  at  10:28 PM | #
I like 18 year olds too but in reality it is young 20 year old women and wives who need a spanking.
If you watch the husband and wife at
you will see a wife being told, in no uncertain terms, that she is going to be spanked and some.
Just watch her reaction!
Posted by ruggerbugger  on  02/27  at  07:10 PM | #
What I like BEST about Firm Hand is "Abigal Whittaker" - what a real life spanking doll!!!!!!

On Firm Hand, Abigal does several scenes with "Kailee" (who I adore as a spanker because is is so hard on others - just like she takes) that are awesome! I very much like the bathroom spanking Kailee gives Abigal after making her stip to her panties and bra and putting her in a cold shower. The only way this scene could have been better is if they had hired me to do the spanking....AND a paddling afer.....,

I have found another site of "Abigals" with "Audrey" (also a living doll) called:

Wonderful site! Butt specifically, it has the most interesting interview with this most charming young lady, Dear Miss Abigal, that had me dreaming of having been (or being) her "boy next door"...

Lots of good stuff at Firm Hand! I would name several others that are there that I find to be so very pretty also, but I don't want Abigal to have to share this little stage with anyone else! so in conclusion, the best part of Firm Hand is Abigal - a true spanko (from her bio) and that makes her all the more attractive to me.

Maybe Mr. Masterson can get Abi to come do some work at Real Spankings, and if so, he has my eamil if he needs a helping hand turning her very cute little bottom very red - it would be very well worth the flight!


Posted by  on  03/01  at  08:13 PM | #
I can pretty much see myself in these pictures... Denial didn't work in my case... It just made me more aware of my need for spanking and discipline... I must add that I'm looking for a caring spanker, not a brutal disciplinarian... Anyway these pictures just tell me to continue looking for that special mentor!
Posted by Brandy  on  03/05  at  02:42 PM | #

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