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Considering position as part of the punishment

I feel that many people underestimate the importance of positions when applying a proper spanking.  They seem to see the position as purely functional and underestimate the effectiveness of the position itself.  A proper spanking position can add so much to the punishment itself. 



A good example is the lunge position.  If you doubt the effectiveness of this position as a punishment itself, go ahead and try it right now.  Keep your legs straight and put your hands on the floor until you have created a 90 degree bend at the waist.  Try holding this position for just two minutes and see how it feels.  Now consider someone being spanked and them being told that if they move out of this position for even a moment that the spanking will start over.  You will notice that in most scenes that we have filmed that incorporate this position, the spankee’s whole body is trembling before the spanking is over.  This position is more than just functional, it truly sucks to be in and can almost stand alone as a punishment when held for any length of time.



Another important factor when choosing a position is exposure and embarrassment.  When I am punishing a young lady, I want all aspects of the punishment to serve as a reminder, not just the pain from the spanking.  We want to create a situation that decreases the chance of the behavior being repeated ever again.  Many people have a high pain tolerance and the spanking, regardless of the severity, may only carry the lesson so far.  While it does not apply to all spankings, certainly a well thought out and embarrassing position can serve as a strong deterrent.  Regardless of how comfortable someone is with their body, having to put their bare bottom high in the air with their legs spread very wide, can be a humbling experience.  This does a lot to increase the feelings of vulnerability and discomfort.  While I am never one to drag out a spanking with lectures and pauses in between strokes, I do find that a decent amount of time before and after the spanking spent in an exposed position can help make it a memorable event.



The picture above is a good example of a position that serves many purposes beyond access to the bottom.  Lying on her back with her legs in the air is a very exposed and vulnerable position.  This is enhanced by the fact that this is pretty much a foreign position for most people.  There are many times in life that we find ourselves bending over for various reasons, but lying in the “diaper position? just doesn’t come up all that often.  There are other factors to consider with this position that makes it effective.  First, this is essentially the same as touching your toes, which pulls the muscled in the bottom tight and close to the surface.  This effectively reduces the amount of paddling present and assures that every stroke is felt to its fullest.  It is also a position that allows a great deal of control by the spanker.  Every time that I spank someone in this position I hold their feet, making it difficult for them to wiggle out of the way.  It demonstrates control, it creates embarrassment and vulnerability, and it increases the overall effectiveness of the pain felt during the punishment.

Someone who considers themselves a complete spanker, considers all factors of the punishment, not just the spanking and the pain.  All pictures come from my network of sites, available at

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/21 at 01:06 PM


Michael, it is so good to have you and your blog back posting again. I really missed your excellent photo's and great information. Thank you for all that you do for the spanking community.

Posted by  on  11/21  at  05:50 PM | #
I remember being spanked a couple times in that position, fully clothed, because I tried running away from a spanking by running up the stairs. my god it hurt!
Posted by Rich  on  01/13  at  08:31 AM | #
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