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Bruised Bottoms at

For those of you who have forgotten the type of discipline that I used to administer at, then you might want to take a peek.  Whether I am doing the spanking, or if I am behind the camera, you can be sure of one thing...the butts will be well spanked.  No more Coach and Miss Burns, just myself and a crew of hard hitting spankers. is filming new content everyday from our new studio, and as you can see below, many young ladies are having a hard time sitting down following their shoots.  Real punishments, real discipline, and once again  We just filmed our 1400th original and exclusive scene for the site, and every scene is online.  One membership, 1400 spanking scenes, check us out again.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/31 at 02:35 PM


It's good to see the tops of the thighs getting some attention, in the last two pics. How about a spanking just on the backs of the legs? Take an RSI girl by the arm, flip her skirt up and whack her legs. It's all over in a minute or so, but it'll make a strong impression on her.
Posted by Blackstock  on  04/08  at  02:33 PM | #

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