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A unique true account of corporal punishment at home and school

Early on in the days of when I was still shooting content out of my house, I was contacted by a woman who had always fantasized about being punished as an adult.  She so desperately wanted a real punishment for real life issues that she was willing to fly to my city from Oklahoma, get spanked, and then fly right back home on the same day.  Obviously, I took her up on her offer and we set a date for her punishment.

As I have always done when dealing with real life discipline issues, I spent a great deal of time communicating with her to determine not only what she was looking for, but also trying to get a better understanding for her motivation.  We spent a couple of months communicating via e-mail and chat and she clearly described for me her extensive experiences with corporal punishment as a child and teen.

She grew up in rural Oklahoma and never left.  She currently works as a teacher in the same school district that she attended while growing up.  While we often see progress in the United States, it was clear from her accounts that not much had changed in the small town she lived in.  This town might as well be the poster00.
child for the “Bible Belt”.  Just as when she was a kid, corporal punishment is the primary form of discipline that is still used today.  The schools not only use the paddle as the primary form of discipline, it is clearly encouraged by just about every member of the community.

We often read fictionalized accounts of corporal punishment on the web in which the author describes being spanked until they moved out of their parent’s house.  I take most “true accounts” on the web with a grain of salt knowing that they are generally people just caught up in their own fantasies.  As a result, I never report true accounts of spanking unless I am 100% positive that what I have heard is true.  There is no doubt in my mind that everything she told me is true and she was indeed spanked not only until she moved off to college, but she also managed to get spanked during her first summer back from college after her Freshman year. 

By all accounts her parents were as conservative as they come.  From Kindergarten through 12th grade, she was only allowed to wear dresses to school.  While grounding was common as an additional punishment, every punishment in her house included a spanking.  Her spanking memories start as early as she can remember and continued until she was almost twenty.  She was not able to estimate how many spankings she received growing up, but she figured she received one to two a week, as a minimum.  While they became less frequent as she grew older she stated that they also got much more severe.

Her most memorable spankings, and the ones she was the most detailed in describing, occurred in her later years of high school.  She described her mother as the judge and her father as the enforcer.  Just about every spanking she ever received was at the request of her mother.  Her mother would not only tell her dad when to spank her, but she would oversee all of the spankings and tell her father when she had had enough.  She said it was common for the father to have finished and for the mother to tell him that they were not even close and that he needed to start again only harder.
She wrote a very detailed account of the hardest punishment she ever received and it occurred when she was a junior in high school.  The strange thing is that this punishment was for coming home less than 10 minutes late.  It seems her mother had grown tired of the constant lateness that had been occurring over several weeks.  After repeated warnings and several spankings, her mother had finally had enough.  Her mother had decided that this was the night that a long lasting impression would be made.  She arrived just a few minutes after her curfew and it was clear as soon as she walked in the door that she was really in for it.

She described coming in the door and being met by her mother who told her to get the paddle.  The paddle was the primary implement that was used to punish her and she guessed that they had probably gone through five or six over the course of her childhood.  She stated that there was nothing fancy about it; it was simply a thick board that was cut into a paddle.  She felt that it was at least an inch thick and hit with much more of a thud than a sting.  A typical paddling generally involved between 10 and 20 swats, depending on her mother’s mood and the severity of the offense. On this occasion, she knew that arguing would be futile, so she simply went and got the paddle from the shelf above the washing mashing in the laundry room.  She returned and handed the paddle to her mother and was told to assume the position.

Since puberty, the position used was always the same and required her to bend at the waist with outstretched arms and place her hands on the wall.  Any lecture was always given by her mother and took place while she was in the position.  She stated that her mom was far from calm at these moments and usually displayed visible anger.  When her mother felt it was time for the punishment, she would hand the paddle to her dad and he would begin.  On this particular occasion her mother made it very clear to the father that she needed to really feel this paddling.  The strokes were laid on close to full force and just a few swats into it she was already in tears.  This did not faze her mother at all and she asked the father to “put more into it”.  After what she felt was the 12th or 13th swat, the paddle broke.  While bawling her eyes out, she was very relieved.  In the past a broken paddle meant that the punishment was over and that her dad would be in the garage the next day crafting a new one.  On this occasion, it was not to be, her mother felt that they were just getting started.

She was told to remain in position and her mother went to find a belt.  She had not had the belt for many years and while concerned, she was relieved that the rest of the punishment would not be with the paddle.  Her mother returned with the belt and handed it to her father.  The mother told him to “start from the beginning”, and just as her tears were drying up, the force of the belt brought them quickly back.  While not as bad as the paddle, she stated that the belt was just vicious on her sore bottom.  She thought that her mother must have felt that the belt was not all that effective because she had him blister her bottom for a couple of minutes straight.  When all was said and done, she had received the spanking of her life.  While this spanking stood out the most in her memory because of the broken paddle, she felt that there were dozens of others that were close in intensity.  I asked her if she was ever spanked on the bare or just on her panties and she said that it never once happened.  Apparently, any form of nudity was highly frowned upon in her house and she was not even allowed to walk around in a long t-shirt as a night shirt, so there was never a case of her being spanked with any skin exposed.

Unfortunately for her, being spanked at home was not the worst of it.  The school she attended, and currently teaches at, uses the paddle on a daily basis.  We are not just talking about students being sent to the office to be paddled by an administrator, we are talking about a school in which every teacher has the option of possessing a paddle in their classroom.  The only thing that has changed in the thirty years since she was a student is that all paddlings administered by a teacher have to have a witness.  The worst of it for her happened in the 10th grade when her math teacher was her father’s best friend.  Apparently all of the students in all of the grades knew his reputation as a heavy hitter and one of the most frequent paddling teachers at the school.  Being a small K-12 school, there was only one math teacher for the tenth grade level, so there was no way to avoid being in his class.  It was even more difficult for her in that she had known him most of her life and he was well aware of the nature of the discipline used in her home.

She felt that for the most part his discipline was effective and resulted in just about the best behaved classroom in the school.  While he would never hesitate to paddle for the smallest infraction, the students stayed on their toes and followed the school rules very closely in his class.  For her the problem began when her math teacher was having dinner at their house, which was a very common occurrence.  The mother began to inquire as to how her math work was going and the teacher stated that she could do better and that she had turned in some assignments late.  Over the course of dinner it was decided, mostly by the mother, that the teacher’s requirements for her should be higher and that he should feel free to handle discipline however he felt the situation called for.  The policies at this school did not really allow for discipline based on schoolwork, it was more behavior based.  It was clear by the end of dinner that anytime he felt a paddling would be effective he had full consent to apply it.  While the conversation seemed to have somehow made the mother happy, the daughter was very stressed.

It took less than a week for her first paddling in that class.  The teacher asked all of the students to pass up their homework and she had forgotten hers in her locker.  She asked if she could go and get it and she was quickly invited into the hallway.  She stepped out into the hall and he told her to stay put and that he would be with her in a moment.  She said that she was forced to wait almost half the period before he finally came out.  Her heart dropped as he came into the hall caring his big wooden paddle.  She stated that his was different than most in that it was completely wrapped in black tape.  He explained to her that homework begins when he gives the assignment and ends when it is turned in completed at the beginning of class and that any variation is understood to be incomplete.  As a result of not completing her homework she was to be paddled.

He had her stand in the middle of the hallway and face down the hall.  She was instructed to assume a wide stance, “lock her legs”, and grab her ankles.  She was told that she would get six “pops” the maximum that a teacher was allowed to apply for a single offense.  As it turns out, there was not a maximum for the Vice Principal.  As soon as she grabbed her ankles the first swat landed and she jumped up, grabbed her bottom, and told him through the tears that were already beginning to flow and in a very rude manner, “that was entirely too hard”.  He told her to grab her ankles for the remaining five “pops” and that she would now be receiving an additional three “pops” for disrespect.  He presented it as a separate offense which made additional swats allowable by school policy.  She resumed her position and endured another eight swats as hard as she ever felt.  She never thought her dad went lightly, but she described his paddling as “a whole new level of enthusiasm”.  After her paddling she was escorted back into the classroom immediately with the tears still flowing.  While everyone watched her sit down, she stated that no one giggled as she winced in pain as they often did on other classes, because they knew it might result in them receiving their own paddling.

Prior to this year in school, she looked at being paddled by a teacher as a good thing because it was not documented, nor were the student’s parents notified.  Any paddling that took place in the office resulted in parents being contacted, and for her, always meant more of the same at home.  But, this teacher was a close friend of the family and her mom was notified by the teacher during his lunch break.  When she returned from school, her mother let her know that she would get a “healthy dose of the paddle” when her father got home from work.  As expected, just before dinner, she took another ten swats on her already bruised bottom from her father minutes before dinner.  Over the course of her 10th grade year she estimates that she got it from this teacher and then again at home almost 10 different times.

From her descriptions it seems that in most cases her punishments were a little over the top.  While discipline this frequent and this severe seemed somewhat common to her, I feel that it borders on abuse.  I grew up in a neighborhood where most kids were spanked with a belt, but for the most part, the punishment seemed to fit the crime.  While she did not feel that her desire to be spanked developed until many years after she moved out of her parent’s house, she states that she was at least intrigued with the concept.  She felt that this was most evident in her need to see her marked bottom after a paddling.  She would always check her butt after a spanking and then everyday after until the marks disappeared.  From her descriptions it sounds as though her bottom was pretty worn out after every spanking she received.  She described the typical bull’s eye bruises that result from a hard paddling and stated that they were a deep black and blue that would last for close to a week.  She felt that her bottom was pretty sore after a paddling but nothing compared with “the unbearable pain” the following day.  She felt that a Monday paddling, whether at home or at school, was the worst because she then had to deal with four more days of a bruised bottom while sitting at a hard wooden desk.

As horrible as all of her spanking experiences seemed, as well as the fact that she did not sexualize any element of the spankings at the time, I found it quite surprising that she wanted me to deal with her real life discipline using a large wooden paddle.  I guess people stick with what they know.  I found it a little unusual that she feels that she developed a spanking fetish late in life, when most people report these thoughts at a very early age.  While living at home she never fantasized about spanking, nor did she find herself masturbating after a spanking.  It was not until her mid-twenties that she began to fantasize about being properly punished again.

Having had the experiences she did, I asked her about how she feels about the paddling that still takes place at the school she teaches at and if she ever paddles students herself.  She told me that every teacher has the authority to paddle any student for a “clear violation of school rules”.  She told me that there is not a day that goes by at that school in which they do not hear the crack of the paddle in the hallway.  While she is not fully opposed to paddling students, she feels that the teachers paddling a student in the hallway only serves as a distraction to all of the other classrooms on that hallway.  She feels that from the moment the first swat lands until it is clear that it is over, every student stops what they are doing to listen.  In addition, during the paddling, the classroom that the student came from as well as the classroom in which the teacher who serves as a witness are essentially left unattended.  She feels that there are literally hours a semester wasted as a result of the distractions from hallway paddlings.  As a result, she sends all disciplinary referrals to the office.  Based on the form the students bring back after being sent to the office, she estimates that a little more than half of the students she “sends up” receive “pops”.

While she has chosen not to paddle students, she does serve as a witness on occasion.  She estimated that she serves as a witness more than 20 times a year.  Another aspect of the hallway paddling experience that she dislikes as a teacher is the lack of consistency between punishments.  While all teachers are limited to six swats, she feels there is too much variation in the way the paddling is applied.  A specific offense in one class might earn a student 2 swats from a female teacher who is just trying to make a point, where the same offense in another class can result in six severe swats from a hard hitting coach that is expecting tears from the first swat.  As a result of her own experiences being paddled, she feels that there should be a cooling off period after a paddling and the student should be allowed to go to the rest room to compose themselves before returning to class.  While many teachers seem to allow this, she states that there are many who feel the additional embarrassment of being walked right back into class with watering eyes is just as effective of a punishment as the paddling itself.  She feels that any punishment, regardless of the severity of the offense, should not involve the student feeling humiliated.

She really dislikes the teacher directly across the hall from her class and feels that he is very similar to her math teacher.  She feels that he takes it to slightly different level and not only paddles for all offenses, she feels he looks for a reason to paddle whenever he can.  Her first year in that classroom, due to proximity, she served as his witness.  The following year she told him that he needed to find someone else to serve as his witness.  There were a few reasons for this decision.  The first goes back to the distraction to her class.  While she currently witnesses around 20 a year, with him it was 3-4 a day.  She felt that a period rarely went by in which someone wasn’t paddled.  She knew how well students behaved in the class she was in with a frequent paddler, so she assumed that students would be on their best behavior in this class.  She felt that he had to be looking for reasons to paddle a student in more than half of his classes everyday.  She also felt that he paddled harder than was appropriate and that there was no variation based on the offense.  If she was called out as a witness for this teacher, it was always the same process.  Male students received the maximum six swats and female students received four.  She did not feel that he ever changed the severity of the swats and always swung full force.  In addition, he taught grades 9-12 and did not adjust for age.  The student was brought into the hall and made to bend over with their hands on the locker.  He then swung the paddle as hard and fast as he could, delivering all the swats in less than five seconds.  He would thank her for witnessing and immediately march the student back into class.  She stated it was very rare for a student to not at least have watering eyes and that all out crying was more common. 

I found her experiences to be quite unique as well as offering some perspective for those of you who felt you had it rough growing up.  In rereading this before posting I realized that I made many references to the fact that this is how it is still done “today”.  The original accounts she wrote for me were in 1998, so I guess it is far from current.  However, if things stayed the same for 30 years, I doubt much has changed in the last 7.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/30 at 08:30 AM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.


Paddling was allowed throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years.

I attended a K-8 school in which every teacher was allowed to paddle, but there had to be a witness. The paddling was reported home on a disciplinary action form. I think it had to be signed by a parent and returned, but I'm not positive about that. I was lucky enough to escape it. wink

I do know that it wasn't until I entered the eighth grade that I had a teacher who did NOT own his or her own paddle. While not all of them used it, the threat was always there. And like your friend has said, paddlings were always a major source of interest, and not just for little spankos like me. If we knew someone was getting paddled in the hall, we would literally hold our breaths and strain to hear every word said, every action carried out. The student was almost always returned to the classroom immediately, and we would shamelessly giggle at their misfortune.

Though I myself wasn't paddled, I know the general way in which it was carried out. EVERYONE knew that. The person to be paddled was taken to the hall, where they had to stand three floor tiles back from the wall and place their hands on the wall. This left them either bent 90 degrees at the waist or almost so. The maximum number of swats allowed was 5, but I believe the average given was three. Sometimes it was only two, but I don't know of any case in which only one was given. I guess one swat would have been a waste of time.

At this K-8 school, all grade levels were paddled, males and females alike. I distinctly remember lying awake during naptime in kindergarten and seeing students marched to the hall, hearing the whacks. I never slept during naptime.

I changed school systems in high school, and paddling seemed much less common in the 9-12 grades. I don't know if this was because of the age difference, or simply because of the different school system.

Paddling is still used in my state today, though it's fallen under some heavy criticism lately. Many parents want it banned altogether.
Posted by  on  04/30  at  02:56 PM | #
We had paddlings in school growing up in the 70s. It was very common. Either the teacher did it or the principal. They still do (Florida), but from what I gather, it is more common now out in the more rural areas.

When I was in the 7th grade, my science teacher had his own paddle. When he would get really upset with the class, he would take it out of his desk, wave it in the air (while making his threats to the class) and then put it down on his desk for all to see. I sat right in front of his desk, so it was right there in my face. Needless to say, I had a major crush on him.

I got in trouble with him that year, the girl that sat next to me took something of mine and we started quietly arguing while he was talking (so stupid!) and he told us to stay behind after class.

I remember my heart pounding like mad going up to his desk after class. What he said next was quite odd to me now as an adult, tho it was odd even back then to me. He said, do you want to go outside and fight this out? I remember thinking, huh? I'm still not sure what he wanted us to say. But of course, we said no, so he told us to not argue anymore and gave the item back to was so embarrassing...

Anyway, he was known as the main teacher that paddled, and kids were known for egging him on. He had a particular nickname that kids would yell out at him while on the school bus, and he was known to pull them off of the bus (even to miss their bus home) and paddle them!
Posted by Fl_girl  on  04/30  at  08:50 PM | #
I grew up in rural Texas, and paddling was common at all grade levels. In the elementary, it was usually the teacher who paddled, and I remember my 6th grade math teacher had a large paddle with holes in it. He usually would paddle once or twice a week out in the hall with another teacher to witness. I never got paddled by him, but he did once break a yard stick on my desk when yelling at me for once again failing to turn in my homework.

At junior and senior high school, students were sent to the vice-principal and paddled in the office. I can remember one time in high school when a large football player returned to chemistry class after being sent up to the office, his face was bright red and he sat down ever so gently, making all of us giggle a little before the teacher asked if any of us would like to join him in the experience.

I don't think the district I grew up in paddles still, but it sure did fuel some of my early fantasies and push me this direction later in life. Where will the next generation of spankos come from?? LOL.. just kidding.. I'm actually not at all a fan of corporal punishment for kids.
Posted by Jodima  on  05/04  at  07:35 AM | #
I feel like the lady who was spanked at home by her father on her mom's instructions. My Mom did all the punishments on me at home without any one telling her when and how many to administer to me. I usually received the switch, either hickory or a peach tree switch. I guess I received on the average a switching at least 2 to 3 times per month, depending on rules and other things i'd done. All were administered on bare bottom and in my bedroom or her bedroom. Usually if I was sent to my room it meant a switching on the bare bottom. She would use a limber switch, usually 4 to 5 feet in length, so it would wrap around my hips and buttocks. It would be administered from my hips down to my knees. Once she broke a switch on me, and I thought she was through and begin putting my pants back on, but she came back with another just like the one broken. She would take my left arm with her left hand and hold it very tight, so I couldn't run from her. I couldn't tell anyone how many licks I got from a switching, but she only quit when she felt i'd had enough. She would take the switch and tap it slow on my naked rear end about 5 times, lining it up for the session. About half way through, she'd ask me if i'd learned anything from this session and was it gonna take more before i'd straighten up. I'd reply with tear stained face, yes mam and no mam, and then she'd begin the session again untill she was satisfied I'd been whipped enough.I'd have stripes running allway from my hips to knees, colored red and blue. I'd usually eat standing up, depending on time of day I received whipping. If I was sent to her room, a belt was gonna be used the same way. bare bottom, with belt wrapped around her fist till it was right length to wrap around buttocks.The worst switching I ever received was when I stole shot gun shells from my Uncle. She drew blood on my rear end and I had to lay down on my stomach for several days due to pain and soreness from switching. I am glad to see I wasn't only kid punished hard in growing up.
Posted by  on  05/07  at  11:10 AM | #
When I was pretty young, about 7 or 8, I witnessed my neighbor use a switch on her nephew. He was quite a bit older than I was, probably about 12 or 13.

It was summertime, and we were all out playing together in the yard. I don't know what he had done, but here she came with a switch, grabbed him by the arm, and started whacking away at his legs! He had on these less-than-modest shorts, so she got a good part of his thighs above his knees, but she went all the way down to his ankles, too. He was screaming bloody murder, crying, and begging her to stop. Meanwhile, she may not have heard all that begging, because she was yelling at him for whatever offense he had committed.

I have no idea how long it lasted, but it seemed like forever to me. I just stood there in awe the whole time and didn't dare move. That was the first and only time I had witnessed such a thing. His legs were a mess of welts and scratches. The aunt surveyed her work, and I remember thinking that she actually looked regretful of what she'd just done. She grabbed him by the arm and took him home, saying something about "That's going to need alcohol." I'm sure alcohol on all those welts didn't feel good at all!
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my sister was spanked until she was 19 I was spanked until I was about 15, my father was a typical protestant bible believer with strict standards and a thick leather belt. I think some of his beatings were harsh but he also believed he was doinng the right thing He was kindto my sister and I but I think my spanking fetich is due in large part to hearing my sister getting the strap across her little behind right through her adolescence.
BTW we are close my family and I my sister has a good relationship with my father and he now admits he was a bit harshsometimes and he wanted us to forgive us for those occasions.
Posted by  on  05/16  at  12:44 AM | #
I can relate to those that experienced paddlings in school during the 70s. Paddlings (called Pops) were common in my Junior High School in Texas. The gym coaches were the worst. When we got to gym class we were first required to sit in the gym in our regular clothes for roll call. Talking during roll call was not allowed. Once, I was caught talking to one of my friends during roll call and the coach told me to report to his office after we had suited up in our gym clothes before going out to the field. Well, our gym outfit consisted of T-shirt and gym shorts...AND only a jock strap under the shorts. Well, if you have ever seen a jock strap, you will know why I was dreading this trip to the coaches office. A jock strap has no back to it. So, I slowly changed into my gym close and reported as ordered. I was told to bend over the desk and grip the far side of the desk. The coach then actually pulled back the waistband of my shorts to assure that I was wearing my jock strap. So, there I was, the only thing between my bottom and the inch-thick wooden paddle was the very thin material of my gym shorts stretched very thightly across my bottom. The coach told me that I was getting six, and that if I released my grip on the desk, he would start over. He then proceeded to lay them on and lay them on well. I fought hard not to cry out because I knew my buddies were on the other side of the door listening. So, I grit my teeth and took it. When I walked out onto the field my friends applauded me. It was sort of a badge of honor to get paddled. In fact, all of the kids kept a running tally of how many pops they had received during their Junior High careers.
Posted by  on  07/02  at  10:15 AM | #
I remember attending a small, rural Iowa farming community school back in the early sixties when I was enrolled in my kindergarten class. It was a very warm Spring day and I was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, shoes and socks, but for some unknown reason did not have any briefs on. Outside during our recess break, I found myself playing in the sandbox at the edge of the playground. There were several other little girls playing in the warm sand as well, when one little precociuos little girl noticed that she could look up the leg of my shorts and could also see my tiny adolescent penis. She began to giggle as her hand quickly slipped up inside the tiny leggings and as her small fingers wrapped around my juvenile manhood, pulling it out of the leg opening exposing it for all to see. Laughing at me as from sheer embarrassment it grew erect, she asked if it felt good, and that her older sister had taught her how to do this, all the while softly pumping my erection, keeping it firm. In my embarrassed and excited state, I was not even able to protest as she quickly bent down and engulfed the head of my tiny organ inside her mouth. It happened so fast that I was amazed and because of my young age also a bit frightened, but I quickly shot off, ORGASMING inside her mouth as she sputtered, gagged and choked trying to swallow my load as her older sister had probably tried to teach her what to do.
I can still see the shocked expressions on the faces of the other children in the sandbox observing while this occurred. Suddenly and without any warning, I felt a strong hand grab me by the back of my neck, lifting me straight up into a standing position; this scared me so that I pee'd myself, flooding the sandbox. The hand holding me by the scruff of my neck belonged to the Playground Monitor who now was shaking my shoulders as she loudly berated me for what she'd just observed, calling me a filthy, disgusting, little brat. While she continued to scream at me, she drug both the little girl and myself across the school yard and into the building by our earlobes.
Once inside, both of us were then led into the principles office where in front of most of the small school's teaching staff we were both questioned and continued to be loudly yelled at. It was decided that because I was the Bad Boy and more than likely to be blamed for making the poor, innocent young lady perform such a vile act that I was first to receive a pants down whipping with the Principal's wide, leather belt while bent over and holding thedges of his large desk. Hearing this sentence proclaimed scared me further and I quickly protested, saying that it was just as much her fault too, that she 'made' me do it; I tried to tell him what the little girl had said about her older sister's instructions for performing this act. He began to question her as well, and she admited that what I had said was indeed true.
With this new revelation out, the Principal revied his punishment to include her as well: She was ordered to stand up and drop down her tiny, school-girl panties, then climb up over the Playground Monitor's lap where she received a quick hand SPANK on her bare bottom while I excitedly watched her kick and shriek for mercy!
Next, it was my turn. I was led by my ear to stand in front of the ominus, large wooden desk. As the Principal
walked out from behind he was removing the belt from his pants loops.
I then felt his fingers in the band of my tiny shorts as he pulled them down. With a push in the middle of my back, I was made to bend forward and grasp the edge of the desk.
I was informed that I would recieve ten lashes, but if I let go of the desk and stood up, he'd have to restart from the beginning.
With that said, he laid on the first stroke. The sound of the belt whistling through the air before it ignited every pain sensor in my tiny, taut buttocks was frightening enough, but when it landed on my flesh, I felt as if my skin had been set ablaze and I immediately shot uo, grabbing my pain with my hands.
He called one of the other teachers over to help hold my arms out straight over the top of the desk and remarked, "Remember what I said, that one doesn't count!!" Beginning again, he really laid it into me, after each lash, I could not help but dance around in an attempt to avoid the stinging fire. From that first practise stroke, I had been crying and screaming my head off for mercy, but he continued to flail my little boy butt until he had finished with the full eleven.
Fortunately it was at the end of the school day, so before my Mother came to take me home the school nurse had me lie on my stumach, still bared from the waist down as she applied cooling alcohal soaked gauze pads to my beaten flesh.
Upon arrival, MOM was informed of the days proceedings. On the drive home I was told that I could expect another bare bottom whipping when Father got home from the office.-CONTINUED!!
Posted by  on  04/14  at  05:47 PM | #
I am still in highshool and my swimteam and cleerleading coaches still spank me and the other girls on the team.
On May 1, 2006 I came late to pactice and our coach Mr. Knolls told our asst coach Mr.Barns to take over the team while he is gone so he could give me a spanking.
He took me into his office and grab my right arm with his right hand and he had the paddle in his left hand; then he told me that he was going to give me 10 swats with Mr.Red Hot Bottoms; that is what he calls his red fire engine paddle with the six holes in it.
He told me I am 50 years old and I have been spanking kids ever since 1976 and I have to say that it hurts me more then it hurts you.
He told me the reason why I am holding you is so when you move from the pain that I am giving you then I can stay right behide you to keep giving you what you need.
He led my to the conner and made me put my face into the wall and then he made me put my hands behide my back.; he told me if I move then he would spank me agian and that my spanking would be worst because the coaches are allowed to hit with no limits.
I kept on crying but after 5 minutes in the conner I moved and rub my bottom. He took me by the arm and turned my over his knee and then he raised my skirt up and then he put his one leg over my other legs. He told me Goldie I told you not to be late for pactice and it starts at 3:00 and not 3:15; when I am done with your bottom it is going to be red, hot and on fire and he kept on feeling my bottom and he told me he was checking the temp to see if my bottom was red yet; he told me you will learn that just because you are 16 in the 12th grade it does not mean to act up; you will learn that little teenage blonde blue eyed little girls do not have more fun.
He swarted me over 40 times and I was locked in and I could not get away. Then he put me back in the conner for 10 min.
He came to get me after 10 min and he led me to the restroom to get cleaned up and then he sit me down in the chair infront of him to lecture me and then he led me back out to our pactice.
I was in so much pain but pactice was not over until 6:00 p.m.
I was sick and that was why I came late to pactice but after I got a spanking. I now always make sure I am on time for pactice even if I am sick or not. I hate the pain of spankings.
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