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Young spanking couple

There is a young couple that has been posting recently to and I am really enjoying much of their content.  We have dcided to have them create some custom spanking videos for us in the future.  What originally attracted me to their content is the very realsitic and hard paddlings that are administered.  You will see much more of them in the future, but here is a small taste from one of their M/f paddling videos as well as an extremely severe F/m video.  Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/21 at 01:26 PM


If that's the same guy in both videos -- and I'm pretty sure it is -- one thing I can say for him, he can take it even better than he can dish it out. Ouch. I'm surprised his bottom was not marked more in the second vid; that looked like a brutal paddling.

The second one also "felt" more like "just a video" (mostly based on the generic, slightly stilted quality of the lecture), but the first one seemed quite real, and, as a result, triggered all my doubts about real-life DD or D/s relationships. Is spanking really the best way to teach an adult to get her paperwork done? Is that really the purpose, or is it just an unacknowledged "game" to get them both what they want? WHY was she in the hospital, and was it appropriate to spank her only a week after she got out?

Aside from emotional or psychological concerns, some of his swats (very nice, hard, two-handed swats) seemed dangerously high to me. She was not bent over very far. Her tailbone was in play.

With that said, she IS a pretty girl and it was a pleasure watching her take a hard spanking. She was crying in the MIDDLE of it; I'm impressed how quickly she pulled herself together after it was over. She's obviously tough. Reminds me a bit of Jennifer, and among long-time AEG fans, that's a high compliment.
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