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Twitter fun

Well we just wrapped up our 1st shoot in which we did live Tweets throughout.  Both Sophie and Monica has their bottoms blistered for sneaking into the administrative area of They both received the belt, long and hard, on their bare bottoms.  Being that they were stealing snacks, additional discipline was required.  They were marched into the Board room, required to get fully naked, and bent over the table.  They held each other in place while they received a very severe 12 stroke caning that left welts on their bottoms that they will be feeling for weeks.  They finished the day with a candid interview for in which they discussed their need for real discipline in their lives.  In addition, Sophie administered her 1st ever spanking to Monica.  While fully naked the girls took turns spanking each other over the knee.  We could not end the day with just fun and games, so each girl bent over and took 12 very serious strokes with the wide leather strap with holes, as requested on Twitter.  Knowing how much Sophie likes marks, I let her examine naked Monica’s bottom, up close and personal, and she seemed to very much enjoy this.

Thanks to TheArmchairQB who took part on Twitter and suggested the implement to end the day with.  He asked for the girls to be punished with the wide leather strap with holes.  We posted pics during the shoot today live on Twitter as we shot them.  Here is the final pic that we posted just for ArmchairQB for being an active participant.  Be sure to watch for the annoucements for our next Twitter based shoot.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 08/26 at 12:09 PM


SWEET!!!!!!!! Awesome pic from what I'm sure was a great shoot - the girls look so innocent, when in reality they had been very bad! Thanks Michael, and look forward to the next shoot. This really is a great idea.
Posted by TheArmchairQB  on  08/26  at  06:18 PM | #
Quick question, what site will this shoot be posted on?
Posted by  on  08/30  at  10:59 AM | #
The 1st two scenes on and the last one on
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  08/30  at  05:31 PM | #

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