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The Vintage Files- Naughty Daughters

Description: For many of, us our spanking fantasies began at a young age and it was thought of the hot teen girl next door, getting a very proper whoopin, that really spoke to our early fantasies. This 90-minute video, features 17 scenes that show this exact type of corporal punishment. These are not unrealistic fantasy scenarios with lots of nudity and corner time. All 17 of these scenes show exactly how naughty teen girls are punished in the real world. You will see naughty young ladies sent to their rooms (or spanked on the spot) to wait for intense and severe sessions with the belt, strap, paddle, hairbrush, and hand. This is very realistic, no warm-up discipline, administered in a manner intended to punish and teach a very proper lesson. This video is from our vintage series meaning some of the scenes are older videos, but have been remastered to the highest quality possible, with better resolution than they have ever been shown before. If you like very traditional, home-based corporal punishment of naughty daughters by a parental figure, this is THE video for you. Now available at Spanking Library and Clips4Sale.

Now available at Spanking Library and Clips4Sale.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/03 at 06:28 PM


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