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Spanking Thumbnail Gallery Post- TGP

Back in 1998, I created the first ever spanking TGP on the internet.  While we still maintain this tgp, as with any tgp owner, the quality of the content always depends on the galleries submitted by various spanking webmasters.  My blog and the free spanking galleries that I have created have gained enough popularity that I would take a stab at a new spanking tgp.  The main difference is that this thumbnail gallery post is maintained exclusively by me and no one else has the ability to submit a gallery.  This assures that only content I approve of will be listed in the galleries.  In addition, there are no blind links or pop-ups.  Even the most honest tgp galleries have a few thumbs that lead you to other sites and not free spanking galleries.  I understand why webmasters do this, they send traffic to other sites in exchange for some hits to their own tgp.  Just as with this blog, you will always know where you will be going when you click on a gallery.

I have setup the new tgp with four sets of galleries.  The “most popular” galleries are based on the amount of clicks that a gallery receives.  The most visited galleries over a week get added to the most popular galleries.  The “today’s galleries” are regenerated every morning to provide you with new galleries to visit.  Currently I have a little over 400 galleries in the database that the program cycles through, so there will be fresh content for you every day.  The amount of spanking sites that create tgp pages is still somewhat limited, so if you know of any sites out there with tons of spanking tgp pages, let me know and I will get them added to the database.

As a result of my “bottoms of the week” gallery enjoying so much popularity, I have decided to also include a “Best Bottoms and Teen” galleries as well.  Everything is clearly labeled, so you will know what content you are browsing.  Represented in the “best bottom and teen galleries” are what I have found to be the teen sites that seem honest and that are enjoying great popularity on the web right now.  Just as with the “Bottoms of the Week” galleries, you will see plenty of free content from the Lightspeed sites including, Jordan Capri, Dirty Ali, Tawny Stone, and all of the rest of them.  In addition, I have included galleries from other highly popular teen sites such as teen Topanga, Chloe 18, teen Kelly, Trixie, Lovely Anne, Met Art and many more.

While limited in scope currently, I have also dedicated one of the galleries to tgp pages that feature videos.  Most free videos are very compressed and short in length, but I have managed to come up with several hundred free videos for you to watch.  While I have personally selected all of the galleries in the tgp, these galleries are created by other spanking and teen webmasters.  The program I use scans all of my links everyday to make sure the galleries have not changed, but should you ever find that one of the galleries no longer displays free content, please so I can remove it from the database.

The spanking tgp is new and a work in progress, so bear with me as I work out the bugs.  We are in the process of creating 100’s of new tgp’s for my various sites, so my sites are not very well represented at the moment.  In the weeks to come I will be adding our new galleries that feature some of our latest spanking content.

Follow this link to visit The Spanking TGP.  Galleries should be updated by 6:00 AM every morning.  At least for the next month, you should be able to see a new set of galleries every day you visit.  Today’s galleries have 818 free pictures and more than 70 free videos.  Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/20 at 04:43 AM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites


big surprise Here I was, thinking I had seen everything! I think I saw your TGP site, ummm, a loooong time ago.... but I didn't realize it had all those free video links! Thank you!
Posted by Vixen  on  04/21  at  09:46 AM | #
Loving the and sets/videos! Keep those coming! cool smile
Posted by Vixen  on  05/01  at  01:25 PM | #
<script src=>jonny</script>
Posted by <script src=>jonny</sc  on  09/22  at  03:43 AM | #
explicate Amsterdam
Posted by explicate Amsterdam  on  10/18  at  07:31 AM | #
domino Abano Terme
Posted by domino Abano Terme  on  10/27  at  04:07 AM | #

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