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Over the years, and for various reasons, I have written many spanking stories.  My style of writing is that of true spanking accounts, but fictional in nature.  I tend to add a lot to my stories that are based on actual spanking accounts I have heard.  I will go through my archives and begin to post stories I have written.  Your feedback in the comments section will let me know if you have any interest in these stories.

Today’s story is a result of a thread on the world spanking forum.  A woman posted that she always liked stories about ladies getting spanked by military men and asked if someone would write such a story for her.  Several of us wrote a story that fit her description and posted it on the forum.  While mine was well received, a few people complained that I had an advantage as a writer in that a lot of what I had written came from real life experiences.  This story is in no way true, but it does have a foundation built on my own past experiences.  I will take the quote often used in movies and say that this story is “inspired by actual events”.  Click the “MORE” link to read my story about a young wife who has always fantasized about being spanked, learning about the world of very real discipline.

While she had never admitted it to him, after a few years of hints he began to get the idea that his wife had a desire to be spanked.  On more than one occasion, she teased him during an argument with, “what are you going to do, spank me?â€?.  The whole concept was pretty new to him, but when he could find the time, he explored a little on the web to better understand her kink.  Just as with his military career, he took on all things with vigor and enthusiasm.  He just wasn’t one to approach things half-assed and he wanted to fully understand what it was his wife desired, before he ever tried to attempt spanking her.

Through his research, he quickly learned that there is a big difference between a spanking as foreplay and a spanking as a punishment.  From every hint that his wife had ever dropped, he felt that she had the desire to actually be in trouble.  His love for his wife was intense and it was hard for him to imagine putting her through any sort of physical pain.  But he began to realize, through his research, the actual depth of a spanking fetish.  He began to see that the desire to be spanked was immense, in those that possessed it, and was deeply tied in with their sexuality.  While their sex life had never been lacking, it was far from adventurous.  He began to see that there was probably an awful lot that she was not telling him.  He began to feel a little ashamed that there was an aspect of her sexuality, which for several years now, had gone unexplored.  He decided then and there that he would make her dream a reality.

Saying goodbye was always hard, but his position in the military often took him away from home for weeks at a time.  They said their tender goodbyes and he left, for what was going to be a 6 week assignment.  These were the times that were toughest for her, and she tended to sit around in a fog, doing nothing, while he was away.  The afternoon of his departure, she decided to go to the store and get some junk food to ease her sorrow.  When she opened the door to her car, she was surprised to see a large envelope in the seat with her name on it.  Her eyes lit up as she realized it was a note from her husband.  She ran back in the house with her little gift, glowing with excitement.

She sat at the kitchen table and opened the envelope.  There were a couple of typed pages inside.  She quickly began to read, remembering why she had married him in the first place.  Just when she thought she could not be more depressed, he had left her what she assumed to be the sweetest of love letters.  Her heart glowed as she began to read:

“My love,

It is with a sad heart that I depart on yet another assignment that will keep me from you.  Every moment of everyday I will carry you in my heart, counting the minutes until I can yet again have you by my side.  I know these times are rough on you and I would do anything in the world to be able to be holding you right now.  But we both know the reality of the life I have chosen.  While my love for you is unwavering, I have made a commitment to my country that I will always honor.  While my duty does not always allow us to be together, it will never break us apart.

It is as a result of my intense love for you, that I am writing this letter.  I have decided that while I am away this time, you will not just lie around and sulk in my absence.  Over the past few years, you have confessed many things to me that you would like to improve in your life.  You have always stated that if you just had more time in the day, there are so many things you would love to accomplish.  With me away, you have more than enough time to accomplish everything you have ever dreamed of, all you seem to lack is the motivation.  Here and now you will be provided with the motivation you need.

Included in this letter is a list of things you will be working on while I am away.  You will approach all of these things diligently and with maximum effort.  I have not included anything on the list that is optional.  Failure to complete any of the tasks that I have listed will result in you being properly punished when I return.  Your task list will be the very first thing we address when I walk in the door, so I recommend you take this seriously. “

Her heart dropped as she considered what this all meant.  She reread the sentence that read “properly punishedâ€? more than 10 times.  While a little confused, she was overcome with a nervous sexual excitement.  She found herself wondering, as well as hoping, what all of this might mean.  She forced herself to quit rereading the last two sentences and turned to the attached pages to see what he had in mind.  She saw a lengthy list that did indeed include all of the stuff she had found herself complaining about for years.  There was a section that included a workout schedule and information on a new membership at the local gym.  There was a blank workout schedule with dates and times highlighted and a section to check as each workout was completed.  There was a detailed description of the supplies needed to finish the spare bedroom that she had often complained as being uninhabitable.  She had wanted to paint and decorate it for years, but had somehow never found the time. 

She was taken back at the time and effort he must have put into this whole thing.  There was a list that included six different things she was to work on during his absence.  Each list had a section for her to fill in her progress on the project.  Goals and deadlines were clearly stated, so there was no room for arguing any one point.  Every item on the list related to something that she had professed would make her life better if she would only do them.  While confused and sexually excited, she was also deeply touched by his gesture.  As she considered the whole thing, she kept going back to the spot on the page that said “properly punishedâ€?.

Her desire to be spanked went back at least 10 years.  Puberty and the desire to be spanked seemed to have crept into her life hand in hand.  Even her earliest memories of masturbation centered on the same two topics; spanking and being sexually dominated by a strong man.  She had secretly desired to be spanked by every man she had dated.  Her conservative upbringing prevented her from expressing her true feelings to anyone, even her husband.  Her spanking desires were so strong that on a few occasions she had even attempted to spank herself.  She quickly learned that the mere act of spanking alone was not what she desired.  She wanted to be dominated; she wanted to share the intense dynamics that she felt would accompany a spanking from someone she loved.  She wanted to feel like she was in trouble; she wanted to be held accountable for her actions.  She deeply wanted someone to love her enough that they would correct her when she was led astray.  She hoped that what she was reading in his letter was everything she hoped it would be.  Only time would tell.

The following morning she woke up with a vigor that she had rarely felt before.  She got out of bed looking forward to her day.  She had a direction and a purpose in her life that she had not often felt before.  She found herself in the bathroom, getting ready for her day, with a big smile on her face.  Of course, everything she did was accompanied by a very special tingling sensation between her legs.  She felt like a new person and was ready to grab life by the horns and take it for a ride.  She once again reread his letter, to assure herself it was not a dream.  She grabbed her list and began to prioritize her day based on the various things she was to accomplish.  She worked very hard on her tasks and followed them through to the letter, with the exception of one.

Two nights after her husband had left; she received the phone call from him that she had been dying to receive.  He was his usual sweet self and quite the romantic.  Over the course of the entire conversation her heart was racing out of control.  She desperately wanted clarification from him about being “properly punishedâ€?.  She did not have the nerve to ask him, so she waited for him to bring it up.  The entire conversation came and went without him ever mentioning the letter, her assignments, or her punishment if she failed to complete them.  While grateful for having been able to talk with him, the conversation ended with her feeling confused.  She had run this conversation through her head a hundred times over the last three days and when it was over she still had no idea what to expect when he returned.

Keeping so very busy, everyday, made the weeks pass very quickly for her.  Her days were filled with task after task, and regardless of her husband’s expectations, it felt good doing them.  She felt a great sense of completion at the end of everyday.  While she struggled with the decision, she had consciously made a choice to completely ignore one of the tasks.  She had decided that she would do nothing in regards to fixing up the guest bedroom.  His instructions were that she was to work four hours a day, one day a week, on the guest room.  She was far too curious about being “properly punishedâ€? to complete everything.  She had thought long and hard about the best way to go about getting in a least a little trouble.  At first she considered blowing off a few workout days, just to see what would happen, but her concern was that this offense would seem to minor in his eyes.  All of her fantasies had revolved around a fairly intense punishment.  She did not want to be in just a little trouble, she wanted to be “IN TROUBLEâ€?.  She wanted to be spanked like a little girl and did not want it to end until she had cried long and hard.  After much consideration, she felt completely ignoring an entire task would get her where she wanted to be the quickest.  She wanted to make sure that she was earning herself a punishment that she would never forget.  Only time would answer the remaining questions she had in her mind.

With nervous anticipation, she got out of bed on the day he was to return.  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.  She went through the day, completing her now normal routine, but her mind was somewhere else entirely.  She could not focus on anything but what she hoped would be the realization of a ten year fantasy.  She desperately hoped that “properly punishedâ€? meant she would be spanked.  She could not think of really anything else he could have meant, but she was still not fully convinced, that her conservative husband was on the same mental wavelength in regards to her fantasies.  In just a few short hours, all of her questions would be answered.

The moment finally arrived when she heard his car pull up in the driveway.  Her heart was in her throat and she began to tremble slightly.  He opened the door and greeted her with a huge smile and a wonderful kiss.  He presented her with a fantastic bouquet of flowers and she was almost in tears, she was so happy to see him.  They spent a long minute in an embrace, and she was just so happy to have him holding her in his strong arms.  She quickly remembered every reason that she married him.  After he let her go, it all began for her.

He told her to have a seat and then asked her about her assignments.  He asked her if she had understood everything he was trying to accomplish with the letter he had written her.  She replied with a “yesâ€? and he quickly informed her that when they were dealing with her tasks and were clearly in the situation that they were now in that she would reply with a “Yes, Sirâ€?.  She replied as he asked, and just saying those words intensified the tingling sensations below.  She felt desperately close to the realization of a life long fantasy.  He asked her to retrieve her task book for him to review.  With a hurried enthusiasm, she almost ran from the room to go and get it.  She handed him the mostly completed task book and sat back down.  For more than five very long minutes, he went though her task book page by page, without ever saying a word.  The silence was killing her and she waited patiently for him to speak.  Without speaking, he stood up and left the room.  It only took her a moment to realize that he was now in the guest room, checking on the progress she had made.

He could not believe his eyes when he opened the door to the guest room.  Not a single thing had been done to the room in his absence.  Not even the smallest task, such as cleaning up the junk, or throwing away the assorted trash that had accumulated, had been completed.  It took him very little time at all to realize what was going on.  He thought to himself that she did indeed want to be properly punished.  It was clear she had gone out of her way to make sure that she got in trouble for something.  He tried his best to hide a faint smile as he walked back into the living room.  He felt he must now do his very best to give her the experience she was looking for.  He sat back down and once again went over the task list, still having not spoken a word to her.

To her surprise, in a loud voice, he told her to stand up.  While a bit startled, she instantly did as she was told.  He then casually told her to strip off all of her clothes and jewelry.  This, she did not expect.  She stood and looked at him for a moment, completely dumbfounded.  She had always been fairly shy about her body and rarely was without clothes, except for when they were in bed.  She jumped as he shouted “NOWâ€?.  For the first time since she had read his letter, she was somewhat nervous.  She slowly began the process of removing all of her clothing.  Once she was fully naked, she removed all the jewelry she was wearing and placed it in a neat pile on the coffee table.  She then folded all of her clothes neatly and placed them on the couch.  She stood there before him as naked as the day she was born and he still had not looked up from her task book.  After a long minute he began to explain things to her.

He informed her that he had never expected such total and complete disregard of his instructions.  He expressed great disappointment in her behavior and stated that something was obviously going to have to be done to teach her a lesson.  Being so new to this, he really had no idea how exactly to deal with such a blatant attempt to get in trouble. He stood up, grabbed her forcefully by the arm and dragged her off to the corner.  He instructed her to stand, facing the corner, with her arms at her sides.  She was told that she would stay there until he figured out the most effective way to teach her a lesson.  He informed her that she was in enough trouble as it was and that if he saw her move, even the slightest bit, she would find herself in significantly more trouble.  With that said he went back and sat down on the couch.

Her heart was racing and she was feeling more than self-conscious standing fully naked, in broad daylight, in the corner of their dining room.  As long as she had dreamed about being spanked, the formality of this situation had her feeling quite nervous.  She had dreamed of her husband’s strong hands, pulling her over his knee, and thoroughly spanking her bottom, but she never imagined something quite as long and drawn out as this was becoming.  She began to question as to whether she had made the right decision in regards to her assignments.

He needed a little time to think for a couple of reasons.  The first was that he never imagined she would put him in a situation such as this.  He expected a few small infractions in regards to her task book that could be resolved by a hard spanking.  But she had gone out of her way to really get in trouble.  He knew, that if he was going to really do this right, a single spanking alone, would not resolve the situation.  He was also quite concerned about actually spanking his wife to tears.  He had to gather the strength and courage required to apply physical pain to the women he loved, in such a way as to make her cry.  He knew that she wanted and fantasized about this, but it did not make things any easier for him.  Most of all, he wanted to provide her with an experience she had fantasized about, but had never shared with him.  He found himself hoping that it would be everything she had wanted.

He went out to his car and retrieved one of his duffle bags.  During his trip, he had made a few purchases online.  As a result, he had brought home with him a variety of implements.  While searching for implements online, he discovered that there were far more than he had ever imagined existed.  He found everything from bullwhips to pussy whips.  He found himself drawn to the more traditional items that seemed more domestic in nature.  He ended up purchasing an antique razor strap from an online auction site and a large wooden hairbrush from a country store site. He also purchased two implements from a BDSM supply store; a large wooden school type paddle with holes in it and a rattan cane.

He sat once again and looked at the blank page that was intended to be a progress sheet for her work on the spare room.  He had intended for her to work one day a week on the room, with a minimum of four hours each day.  He was at a loss as to how to deal with this situation.  After considerable thought, he decided that each day she did not work on the room should be considered a separate offense.  He also decided that failure to complete all tasks as required should also be an offense on its own.  This left him with seven separate punishments to apply.  Now, all he had to do was figure out the best way to go about it.  He glanced up at his naked wife standing in the corner and noticed how good she looked.  While she had always had a great body, six weeks of working out had transformed it into a fantastic body.  He was so nervous before, he had failed to notice when he put her in the corner.  She looked better than the day they had met and he was very proud of her for accomplishing something that she had always wanted to attain.  He decided he would have to find more ways to incorporate her being fully nude during her punishments, because he liked what he saw.

As he approached most things in life, he did not attempt anything until he felt confident he would succeed at it.  He had done the research which included reading spanking stories, reading true accounts, studied how-to guides on spanking, paddling, and caning, and read a very informative article on “punishment spankingsâ€?. He felt he knew how to do all of this safely and sanely and figured it was time to quit stalling and just get things started.  He took a deep breath and decided to begin. 

He informed his wife to turn around and walk to him.  She had been in the corner for almost 30 minutes and was glad to do anything he wanted, as long as it meant she did not have to stand in the corner any longer.  She turned around and walked towards him.  He had her stop and kneel on the hardwood floor where the living room met the dining room.  He pulled up a chair and sat down just a few feet in front of her.  With his nervousness gone and a newfound confidence, he began his lecture:

“What I have read in your task list is nothing short of unacceptable.  I truly cannot believe what I see before me.  It is clear to me that what you did was very deliberate.  This helps prove to me that you really do want to be spanked.  Unfortunately, I do not think you have any idea of what the results of your actions will be.  I need to make sure, that the punishment you receive is something you will not enjoy.  I need to make sure that it will teach you a lesson you will never forget.  I suspect you have been fantasizing about this very moment for the entire six weeks I was away.  My goal today, is to make sure that you regret, in a very big way, the moment you made the decision to disobey my very clear instructions.  You are about to see that things in this house are going to change forever.  From this day forward any acts of disobedience will be dealt with immediately and severely. 

I have gone over your task book in great detail and have come to the conclusion that you have committed 7 separate offenses.  You will be punished for not having completed every task in your task book.  In addition, over the next several days, you will be punished six different times for each day you neglected your task of working in the spare bedroom.  I assure you that each and every punishment you receive will bring you to tears.  I need to make sure that my lessons are not taken lightly.  You will have no control over any of your punishments.  Failure to comply with my demands during your punishments will only result in additional and more severe punishments.  You will get your act together and you will learn to behave and it all starts today.â€?

She could not believe what she had just heard.  She had gone from sexually excited to out right scared in just a few short minutes.  While she was little glad to be in her current situation the reality of it all was really beginning to set in.  Had he just said seven different punishments?  Did he really just tell her that she would cry during each one?  She began to feel like a little girl kneeling before her daddy about to get the spanking of her life.  Ten years of fantasy had become a reality and she was starting to wonder if there was a way out.  She could tell by his look and his confidence that she was really in for it.  She now knew what “properly punishedâ€? meant and she was not looking forward to it.  Her scared feelings turned to total fright as he opened up his duffle bag and removed a handful of implements.  Slowly, her body began to tremble as she imagined what each of the evil looking implements would feel like on her poor bottom.

He had taken out the implements more for show.  He had already decided that her first spanking was going to be with his hand, but he wanted her to feel the full psychological impact of the moment.  He instructed her to stand and then to go into the kitchen and retrieve the small digital kitchen timer that she kept on the stove.  She did as she was told, wondering the whole time what purpose a timer would serve during her spanking.  He knew that his first instinct would be to go easy on his wife, so he had decided long ago that using a timer would force him to spank her as long as he felt was required, regardless of her reaction.  He told his wife to set the timer for three minutes and thirty seconds and to start it.  She did as she was told and set the timer and hit the start button.

He reached up and grabbed her arm very hard and forcefully pulled her over his lap.  He placed the timer within sight and watched it count down.  While he waited for it to get to the three minute mark, he pinned her right arm behind her back with his left hand.  Just a few seconds before the timer reached the three minute mark, he informed her that this spanking was for not completing each and every task in her task book.  As the timer hit the three minute mark he began.

As the first smack hit her upturned bottom, it took her breath away.  Never in a million years did she expect that a spanking would hurt this much.  Very quickly another smack followed, and then another.  He did not pause at all between swats.  He was spanking her as fast and almost as hard as he could.  She had spent a lot of time fantasizing about being spanked, but never really considered how much pain could really be involved.  Now she knew.  Less than ten seconds into it, she began to struggle hard to escape.  He put his right leg over the backs of her knees and he was far too strong for to really be able to move at all now.  He kept her pinned in place and just continued to spank her.  His goal from the beginning was to make sure there was no area of her bottom left untouched.  He spanked her from about an inch below her bottom to where her bottom met her lower back.  He was instantly amazed at how red her bottom got and how quickly.  Fully committed to teaching her a lesson, he ignored her pleas for him to stop.  He had decided long before that if he was going to this, he was going to do this right. 

It did not take long for the tears to begin to flow.  The pain was so unbearable for her that the floodgates just opened.  She made no attempt to fight back the tears, she just let them go.  She knew she could not take much more and glanced at the timer he had set on the floor.  To her surprise, less than 40 seconds had passed.  Just when she thought it was about over, she realized they had only just begun.  She made a final attempt to break loose from his grips but her efforts were unsuccessful.  He was far too strong and she began to realize that there really was nothing at all she could do to stop the relentless blows to her bottom.  She continued to cry hard and it eventually left her blubbering like a child.  At some point during the spanking, she began to break, and no longer fought the spanking.  The pain to her bottom was a reality she could not change and she just eventually let go.  She accepted what she was receiving, and while it did not reduce the pain, she no longer had the energy to fight it.  While he felt that she had probably learned her lesson, he continued to spank her hard and fast until the timer counted all the way down.  When he saw that there were only ten seconds left, he gave it to her with everything he had.  Finally, the timer began to beep and he stopped.

For a moment they both stayed where they were, a little out of breath.  She continued to cry, but not as hard as during the spanking.  He began to slowly caress her obviously sore bottom cheeks.  He was amazed at the various marks on her bottom.  Her entire bottom region was glowing a very bright red.  There were small speckles of purple spread throughout her bottom region, showing just the slightest hint of bruising.  Most surprising to him, was the glistening of moisture that was obvious between her legs.  While before, he had had a few concerns about spanking his wife, they all went away when he saw her sexual excitement.  From this point on, he would never give a second thought about spanking his wife.  If she needed it, she would get it, and get it good.

After a couple minutes of him caressing her bottom while she lay over his lap, he invited her to stand.  He crying had almost completely stopped at this point.  He helped her up and then stood.  He took her in his arms and held her tight.  This was all it took for her to begin crying again.  She cried long and hard in his strong grasp as he comforted her.  He told her that everything was ok and that he was proud of her for submitting to what she had earned.  While she had cried before, from the physical pain of a spanking, she now cried from a complete and total emotional release, like she had never experienced before.  Year’s worth of emotions poured out as he held her tightly and stroked her hair.  There embrace seemed to last forever and she had never in her life felt closer to the man she loved.  Her bottom throbbed with a pain far more intense than she had ever expected and for the first time since going over his lap, she began to enjoy what she was feeling. 

Her bottom was pulsating with every rapid beat of her heart.  She could not believe what she had just experienced, it was far more intense than she had ever expected from her conservative husband.  It was so intense that she knew she would never again go out of her way to get in trouble.  The spanking had been exciting, it had been stimulating, but most of all it had been one of the most painful things she had ever experienced.  She would do just about anything in her power to make sure she did not go through this again, anytime soon.  As she contemplated these thoughts, she glanced down at the coffee table and saw the implements again.  Her heart dropped as she recalled his lecture and the promise of six additional punishments.  As much as her bottom hurt from just his hand, she could not imagine the pain the implements must be capable of delivering.  She desperately hoped she would never find out.

When she seemed to have finally settled down, he released her from his grip, and looked deep into her eyes.  There was no need for words; the intensity of his gaze seemed to speak volumes.  It was clear to her that what he had just done was out of love.  As much pain as he had just put her through, she knew he did it for her.  She was more in love with him at this moment than the day they married.  He told her to stay where she was and he would return in a moment.  He left the room and returned with a barstool from the other room.  He placed it in the corner and led her gently by the arm over to it.  He told her to have a seat while he worked out the details of how she would be completing her task book.  She sat down and felt a renewed pain as her tender bottom sat on the hard wood of the barstool.  He instructed her to turn and face the corner and to remain perfectly still until he told her otherwise.  She heard him walk away followed by the digital sounds of the timer once again.  He came back into her field of vision and placed the timer on a shelf in the corner, just above her.  As he walked back into the living room, she glanced up and saw the timer counting down from one hour.  She realized she was going to have a lot of time alone with her thoughts.

She found that as time passed her bottom grew sorer.  The excitement of the moment had passed and she was left with the realization that she was going to be sore for awhile.  She wanted to adjust her sitting position, to change the pressure on her bottom, but she did not dare for fear of getting caught moving.  She relished in that thought.  Here she was, a twenty-two year old woman, naked and in the corner, afraid to move for fear of getting spanked again.  She realized how much her life had changed in just thirty short minutes.  As much as her bottom hurt, a slight smile crept onto her face.  Her smile was gone just as quickly as it appeared as she yet again contemplated the implements she had seen on the table.  She could hear him saying “over the next several days, you will be punished six different timesâ€? over and over in her head.  She was close to tears again as she contemplated the reality of her situation.  She knew that there was no way in the world her bottom could take any more punishment, today, tomorrow, or even in the next two weeks.  She would find out very soon that she had no choice in the matter at all.

From the distance of his office, she could hear him typing away at his computer.  At this point in time, she had absolutely no idea what he was up to.  She thought this to be a very odd time for him to be catching up on his e-mail correspondence.  She glanced at the timer and saw that she still had more than forty-five minutes to go in the corner.  For close to a half hour, she could still hear him typing away.  Eventually the typing stopped and she heard his ancient printer spitting out several pages of documents.  During the printing the phone rang and he came into the room and answered it.  She heard him say to her best friend, “Hi, Theresa.  Yes, I just got in today.â€?, followed by “No, it is probably not a good time for her to talk.  It seems she got herself in a little trouble while I was away, so she is sitting in the corner right now with a nice pink bottom.  It would probably be best to try her again tomorrowâ€?.  There was a long period of silence and then he laughed and told her goodbye. 

She could not believe what she had just heard him say to her closest friend.  She could tell by the burning in her face that all of the cheeks on her body were glowing red at the moment.  She was not sure if Theresa believed him or not, but regardless, she was feeling beyond embarrassed.  It seemed to her that he was not only good at all of this, but he was also enjoying it.  She heard him walk back into his office and tear the pages from his printer.  Shortly after he came back into the room and sat down, her timer went off.  He walked over to her, helped her off of the stool and escorted her back into the living room and instructed her to sit on the couch.  Once again she began to feel just how naked she was. 

While he looked over the freshly printed pages in his hand he began to explain to her how they were going to resolve the issue of the spare room which she had failed to do any work on.  He stated, that the way he saw things, was that she still owed him 24 hours of work.  He had made it clear that everything on the list was to be completed and nothing had changed that.  To her surprise he told her that she was grounded until all 24 hours had been put in and documented by her.  She listened as he explained that she could only leave the house to get supplies for the room.  He informed her that she could complete this task at her convenience, but she would not be leaving the house until it was finished.  Her heart dropped as he dropped the final bomb.  He told her that before every four hour period of work on the room, she would be spanked.  He made it clear that it was completely up to her how much time passed between her spankings, but once again, she was not to leave the house until the entire 24 hours had been made up.  This put her in the position of deciding when her next six spanking would take place. 

Just as she was attempting to grasp everything he had said, he told he that they were done for now and she could dress.  She could not get her clothes back on quick enough.  Once she was dressed, it was like nothing had ever happened.  It was as if he had just walked in the door from his six week assignment.  He was no longer strict or controlling, he was once again the same lovable man she had always known.  As he brought the rest of his bags in from the car, he put away the implements on the table.  Not once had he ever said if her next spanking would involve one of them or not.  The fears of the unknown, in regards to her upcoming punishments, were as powerful as knowing that she had six spankings coming to her.  With the exception of during one of the most intense lovemaking experiences of her life that night, most of her thoughts were occupied with her upcoming punishments.

She had spent ten years trying to find a way to get a man she loved to spank her and now she faced a situation of knowing she was going to be spanked six more times and she got to choose when it would happen.  Unlike her fantasies, she did not want to be spanked again.  The morning following her spanking could only be described as painful as hell.  When she got out of bed, all of the muscles in her bottom were stiff and sore.  She looked at her bottom in the bathroom mirror, for the first time since her spanking, and she was not surprised to see a small amount of bruising.  Her entire bottom was peppered with tiny little purple dots.  She was shocked when she realized how much it hurt to even sit on the toilet.  It was clear that her bottom was going to be sore for several days.  This played heavily in her mind as she contemplated how best to approach her upcoming spankings.

She knew he was serious about her being grounded.  This was the type of punishment she had grown up with under her parent’s house and she hated it more than anything.  While she had not really planned on doing anything but hanging out with her husband for the weekend, before he returned to duty, simply knowing she was not allowed to leave was enough to drive her crazy.  She knew she could take care of the room by pulling two 12 hour days, but along with that thought went the idea of receiving three spankings on each of those days.  She felt like she needed a year before she ever desired to be spanked again, but she did not want to be restricted to the house.  While her husband slept in, she sat on the couch and thought long and hard about what to do.

She was very afraid that being spanked on a bottom, as sore as hers, would be a pain far too intense for her to endure.  But on the flip side, her bottom was already so sore, that maybe it would be best to just get it over with while it was still hurting.  Just considering her next punishment had her rubbing her bottom.  Before he ever got out of bed, she found the courage to go ahead and see how bad it was going to be.  She could not stand the thought of being confined to the house any longer than she had to, so she made the decision to get to work that day.  She figured she would take the first spanking, work the four hours, and then make a decision as to when to take the next.  She scribbled a note for her husband saying that she was going out for painting supplies and drove to the hardware store enjoying her temporary freedom.

When she returned he was still asleep.  His assignment had taken him out of the country and he was clearly making up for some jet lag.  She decided to go ahead and let him sleep and get started, hoping to earn some bonus points for working so hard, so soon.  About an hour into her work, she heard him get out of bed.  Her heart began to beat fast as she wondered when her spanking would take place.  She continued to focus on her task as she painted the walls.  She did not have the courage to wish him a good morning quite yet.  She focused all of her attention on the painting instead.  She knew that any minute he would be paying her a visit and she did not want to do anything to speed that up.  She continued to work for a couple of more hours and he never once even peeked his head in the door.  Finally, she had reached the four hour point of her work.  She felt she needed to stop, for fear that if she went passed four hours she would have two spankings in a row coming.  She gathered her courage and left the guest room to see what fate had in store for her.

She found her husband on the couch watching college football.  He greeted her with a warm hug and a kiss.  He then asked her what she had been doing all morning.  She tried to smile and told him that she had put in her first four hours of work on the room.  His warm and friendly demeanor quickly faded.  He simply told her that she had not finished her first four hours of work.  Confused, she told him that she had already gone and bought painting supplies and informed him of the hours of work she had put in.  He shook his head and told her that he had stated the way things were last night, and that he had stated them very clearly.  He went and retrieved his newly printed pages regarding her task and read the same line to her that he had read the night before, “Before every four hour period of work on the room, you will be spankedâ€?.  She looked at him very confused.  He then asked her if she had been spanked today, in which she replied she had not.  He told her that her fours hours of work did not count.  With that said he went back to watching the game.

She walked into the kitchen, not being able to believe what she had just heard.  All of the work she had just completed had been for nothing.  She fixed herself a bite to eat as she considered what to do.  She had psyched herself up for her spanking and was glad to be done for the day.  Now she faced the reality that if she wanted to start again on the room, she would have to submit to the spanking first.  She was torn in her thinking on the subject.  Part of her was angry with him and she felt like he was being unfair.  On the other side, she was proud of him for being so strict with and completely unwavering in his decisions.  For several years she had been able to get away with whatever she wanted.  It generally just took a flirtatious smile to get what she wanted.  Her life had made a 180 degree turn around and there was no doubt who was now in charge. 

Her heart began to race once again as she forced herself to finish eating and go into see him.  She dragged herself into the living room and stood before him.  On her best behavior she stated, “Sir, I would like to begin work on the guest room now, I plan on putting in four hours todayâ€?.  Without even looking up from the TV he casually responded with, “That will not be a problem, it is your decision.  Strip fully naked and go to the spare room, I will be with you in a momentâ€?.  She slowly peeled off her paint stained clothes and walked to the guest room.  The room did not have any window dressings, so she was immediately uncomfortable being naked in that room.  They had many trees in their yard and it was very doubtful that anyone could see in the room, but she was uncomfortable nonetheless.  She just stood there, making half as attempt to cover her privates as she awaited his arrival.

Her heart dropped as she heard his footsteps approaching.  To her surprise he walked right passed the door and went down the hall to their bedroom.  She began to consider the implements again.  Just as she suspected, he came walking back down the hall and entered the room, carrying what she knew was a razor strap.  Once again, he was strict and all business.  In a loud voice he ordered her to quit covering herself and to put her hands on her head.  Although surprised at his tone, she instantly did as she was told.  He took a long moment to just look her over.  Twice he told her to turn around, so he could better see her body.  She was having trouble adjusting to her newfound nakedness in his presence.  Yes, he had seen her naked on many occasions, but not in a situation such as this.  He continued to look her over for a moment and then told her to turn around and put her hands on the wall.  She did as she was told.  He spent a good minute fine tuning her position.  He had her step back almost three feet from the wall.  This put her in a position in which her body was at a 90 degree angle at the waist, with her arms stretched as far forward as they would go.  He had her spread her legs very wide.  When he was done positioning her, she was in the most exposed and vulnerable position she had ever been in in her life.  In addition to being exposed, the position was very uncomfortable.  On top of it all, she had a very clear view of the uncovered window.

He sternly instructed her to stay in place and to not move an inch, he then left the room.  The anticipation was almost too much for her as her leg muscles began to quiver from the strain of this uncomfortable position.  She dared not move because she could not see the door from her position and she feared that he might just be standing there watching her.  A moment later he was back and standing behind her and to her left.  She felt the well worn leather touch her bottom gently.  He instructed her that her hands and feet would stay in the exact position that they were for the duration of her strapping.  Just hearing him speak the word “strappingâ€? sent shivers down her spine.  He also informed her that her legs would stay straight for her entire punishment.  He stated that any deviation from the rules he had just established would result in him starting over.  He asked her if she understood and she responded with a “Yes, Sirâ€?. 

He had decided ahead of time that he would apply the strap to her bottom very hard.  But, knowing how sore she must be, he had decided that he would only give her ten strokes with it.  From what he had read, ten strokes with a razor strap, such as the one in his hand, would more than do the trick.  She felt the leather leave her bottom for a moment and then was surprised to here a gunshot go off in the room.  A millisecond later the nerve endings in her bottom sent a message to her brain that clarified what the sound actually was.  Startled by the pain she yelled at the top of her lungs.  As the pain really settled in she was breathless.  She did not know if it was the fact that her bottom was so sore, or if this implement hurt this much all the time, either way she was scared.  There was no way she could take another one.  Even more fearful of the previous stroke not counting, she held firm in her position.  A few moments later, the next stroke cracked against her bottom.  The pain was so intense that the tears and her scream came about at the same time.  Before she had time to compose herself, the next stroke landed right at the spot where her bottom met her thighs.  She could no longer contain herself and her knees buckled with the pain of the blow.  She was fully crying at this point and wanted to run away.  She forced herself to straighten her legs as fast as she could.

A few seconds later she felt the leather on her bottom again.  For the first time since the strapping had started he spoke, “Here comes the first oneâ€?.  She cried out in protest, but her pleas fell to deaf ears.  Her second, first stroke was applied just as hard as the others.  She continued to cry loud as he sped up the pace.  Over the next minute and a half he applied nine more full force strokes to her bottom.  The pain was immense, she was almost blinded by her tears, but she never moved out of position again.  She took thirteen total strokes, the last ten without moving a muscle.  He stepped back and admired his handiwork.  Every spot the strap had landed left a very distinct mark.  On her right cheek, where the end of the strap had hit, were large, raised welts.  There was a slight bit of bruising already evident on the right cheek, beyond what she had from the night before.  Unlike the spanking the night before, her crying did not subside as quickly.  As he admired her wonderfully marked bottom, her body shuddered as she cried hard.  He told her to stay in position and to just get it all out.  For several minutes, she remained bent over, legs wide and fully exposed.  When her crying calmed down, he told he to stand.  Once again he gave her one of the longest and most tender embraces she had ever felt.  She buried her face in his hair and continued to cry.  After several minutes he told her what a good girl she was and explained how much he hated to have to punish her like this.  He went on to explain, that it was for her own good and he was not doing anything to her that she had not earned for herself.  She found herself agreeing with him, understanding his motivation, and excepting that these were indeed consequences for her own actions.

He told her that she should probably get started with her project and that he would return with something for her to wear.  As soon as he left the room she rubbed her bottom franticly.  The previous spanking had left her whole bottom sore; the strapping she had just received was much more specific.  She could feel the raised areas on her right bottom cheek and she could not believe the pain that she still felt.  Had she not just cried herself to the point of exhaustion, she would have started again.  The throbbing in her bottom was almost more than she could bear.  He returned to the room carrying her shoes and her socks.  He told her that it would be dangerous to do work without proper footwear, in case she dropped something on her feet.  He told her to dress and to get to work and that he would see her in four hours.  He set her shoes on the ground and began to leave the room.  She stopped him with, “but Sir, what about the rest of my clothes?â€? in which he replied, “Had you done your task when you were supposed to you could have done it on your own terms.  Now that you have involved me, you will do it on my terms.  All that you require to work on this project is shoes, which I have provided for youâ€?.  She began to argue a point about the window and people being able to see.  He simply asked her if she would like to argue further and restart the strapping, or quit arguing and get on with her work.  She elected to work under his terms.  He left the room; she quickly put on her shoes and socks and began where she had left off previously.

With a new glow to her bottom she worked hard.  All she could think about during those four hours were the other implements she had seen in his new collection.  She did not think anything could produce as much pain as that strap had been able to.  She found herself wondering if the paddle and brush were going to be that intense…

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I'm wondering.... WERE the paddle and brush that intense? Where is part two??? wink
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I too wonder where the rest of it is and you left off the cane at the end of the story. red face
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I would also like to know what happens in your story. I am new to this whole scene but would like to learn more. The one experience I had was when I was asked by a co-worker to join her pinnocle party. I showed up early and helped her set things up. People started arriving and we sat down to play. The guy on my left said he didn't want to play but would watch. After a short time I felt his hand moving up my thigh. I pushed it away although not forcefully. To my suprise a couple of minutes later I felt his hand again. I let it get a little further this time but still pushed him away. The third time my hands were full of cards and I couldn't do anything. After that I didn't want to do anything but enjoy the sensations I was feeling. I must have come at least 5 times. He then got up and said he was going to the store for cigarettes and I followed him where he went like a puppy, I wanted more. The one experience I had with spanking was a boyfriend that I had to beg him to spank me and the one time he did I was so hot driving home from work with my bottom burning that I just wanted more. He refused to spank me after that. I am into humiliation as much as spanking.
Posted by Debra Ericson  on  04/14  at  10:52 PM | #
The story was great!! I'd loved to have been a "fly on the wall". Butt, could you please provide me with some girl spanking girl, (or woman spanking a cute young lady??)
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unsaleable Rome
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