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See, everyone likes a little spanking

Too bad spanking does not fit well with his whole “Family Values” isuues.  Guess you should check the microphone before you start bragging about spanking a lobbyist.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 09/14 at 11:47 AM


"Too bad spanking does not fit well with his whole “Family Values” isuues."

Or, it could be the part where he cheats on his wife with married women, and then brags about it to his co-workers.
Posted by  on  09/14  at  03:45 PM | #
It is good to know that even Congressmen (& women) support the spanking of secretaries and, probably, college coeds. It's doubtful that he would kick out one of my girls before giving her a good spanking!

It should now be clear that "family values" actually condones the spanking of girls and has nothing to do with the preconceived notions that spanking is somehow offensive or pornographic, which it is not. In fact, girls from very strict "family value" schools and homes report of being spanked. Let's not confuse the issue of spanking with some preconceived "family value" standard that actually does not apply.

It is good to hear that this congressman and probably many others agree.

Check out the extensive spanking of college coeds at

Enjoy, Ken
Posted by Ken  on  09/19  at  06:16 PM | #

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