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Real Discipline with Michael Masterson Part II

A couple of months ago I decided to film and share another private session with Monica.  As is the case with the personal discipline I administer (generally off camera), these sessions tend to far exceed the severity of the scenes I film for my pay sites.  I generally only do private sessions with young ladies who really have a desire to learn from their discipline.  As you would expect, even those these girls come to me for very real discipline, 90% also have a spanking fetish.  I have covered this concept in previous articles (such as “how to effectively punish someone who likes to be spanked"), and it is quite a bit more difficult to truly make a point and teach a proper lesson when to some degree the girl has fantasized about being spanked.  As you would expect, the severity has to be increased to a level in which I am very sure that she is gaining no pleasure from the spanking portion of the punishment.  I then try to be creative in incorporating other aspects of discipline that I am sure she will not enjoy.

So for this private session with Monica I used a little bit of everything.  First of all, she showed up 25 minutes late, for her own discipline session, not a good start.  I actually setup a camera and point it at the driveway, so you can see her show up late and practically run to the front door.  Her excuse for being late begins with “you would not fucking believe...”, which is never a good idea when you are there to be punished.  There is very little in the way of talk, she knew why she was there, so I get right down to business.  The spanking is long and hard, and she a great deal of trouble holding still.  Her inability to hold still costs her dearly and as a result her thighs come into play.  Her thighs are spanked quite severely (see picture below).  Further inability to hold still gets her hands involved.  She takes one of the hardest hand punishments I have ever given and as this results in something we have not seen on camera with Monica...TEARS.  Not just a couple down the cheek, but full on crying.  We then go back to the punishment and the paddles come out.  At some point in there I add in a very long and bad tasting mouth soaping.  The whole thing ends with her being taken outside for some fully naked corner time.

So, if severe spanking, strapping, and paddling of a gorgeous young lady’s bare bottom appeals to you, along with severe hand strapping to tears, more strapping and paddling, mouth soaping, followed by fully naked, outdoor, semi-public corner time...then this might be the video for you.  If you are a member of then it is free with your membership and is already online (along with Real Discipline with Michael Masterson Part I).  If times are tough and you are not doing much in the way of monthly memberships, this can be purchased as a stand alone scene Spanking Library.  There is also a one minute trailer at that same link with additional photos.

Here are a couple of pictures from the punishment.  One shows her well spanked bottom and thighs, the other some of her outdoor corner time.

spanking picture

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/30 at 02:24 PM


I love the Real Discipline shoots and would love to see them become a regular series like School Swats. I would love to see Frankie, Sophie, and Riley participate in Real Discipline sessions.
Posted by Tom  on  03/30  at  05:28 PM | #
Note that the picture of her already well-spanked bottom was in fact taken only about half-way through the spanking. Loved this scene. Not a fan or mouthsoaping or hand-strapping, but I understand where your coming from with the "do things she won't like", since it is real disipline. Thanks again to both parties for allowing us a glimpe into their personal lives. Can't wait for Part 3!!!
Posted by Northern G  on  03/30  at  06:30 PM | #

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