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Many people have asked why we launched two new sites that seem just like our other sites.  The sites in question are and  The need for these sites came about due to two specific reasons.  The first is member’s requests for either more otk video, or more belt spanking videos.  You must understand that people that have a spanking fetish, and were also spanked growing up, tend to look for content that is similar to what they received as a punishment when they were kids.  I am not even going to try and explain the psychology of this at the moment, but I assure you for the most part it is true.  Look at any model that admits to liking to be spanked, on any of our sites and you will see that it is true.  Take Jasmine for example.  She grew up getting bare bottom strappings from her father, and when it comes to her choosing what kind of scene she wants to do on any given day, the first answer will almost always be “a leather belt scene”.  Well, our members are no different and for the majority of Americans, the primary form of discipline in the home was an otk handspanking when they were young, and a strapping with a leather belt as they grew older. 

The other reason for these two new sites is that we do market research and employ a statistician to interpret the numbers from our statistical programs.  It seems that new members typically follow one of three patterns when they first join one of our sites.  They either go through and download every strapping video first, every otk video first, or all of the school paddling videos first.  We are able to create new websites with enough content to satisfy the first two needs, but do not have enough school paddling videos for an entire website based only on school corporal punishment scenes.  Both of the new sites and contain all of the content specific scenes from all of our websites.  In addition, each site updates with new and exclusive scenes shot just for these sites that appear nowhere else on the web.  If you are concerned that these sites are new and do not have much content, I will just be honest and give you the stats: as of today:
Current Images: 10,082
Video Files: 2,658
Total Scenes: 452 as of today:
Current Images: 10,029
Video Files: 2,399
Total Scenes: 412

Which at $14.95 a month, is one of the best spanking deals on the web, especially for those of you who are very particular about the type of scenes you are looking for.  In addition, both of these sites are included in our Realspankingspass membership.  With the pass, you will see some overlap, due to the otk spankings and strappings existing on many of our sites, but as I said before there are dozens of exclusive scenes on both sites that do not appear on any of our other membership sites.  Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/10 at 12:54 PM


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