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Nice switching scene

I do not know this show, but this scene is quite cute for a mainstream TV show on NBC

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/18 at 02:12 PM


I was just watching this the other night with my fiancee (who is vanilla, but I still do spank her occassionally) and I thought this particular scene was really entertaining. It's clear she's probably not actually getting it, but she does a great job acting. I would love to actually spank that actress.

Anyway, I kept talking about it, and eventually my fiancee came up with the idea (all on her own!) that she would go outside and cut a switch for herself. I thought she was bluffing at first, but she actually did it. I gave her three spanks with the switch and she jumped after each one. She said it burned like you-know-what. I've spanked her with plenty of implements that are painful, but the switch was clearly something she didn't enjoy. She actually started laughing (at first) at how much it hurt because she thought it was so ridiculous.

Anyway, the show is call Community and it's pretty funny. If you're still reading my random post, thanks!
Posted by  on  03/18  at  06:01 PM | #
lol oh my goodness, where is this from? Never seen anything like that before! great findgrin!
Posted by Dave  on  03/18  at  07:06 PM | #
This was cool. I have never heard of the show, but I saw this clip on fetlife as well. I thought the couple coming in the room was a cute addition.
Posted by  on  03/20  at  12:13 AM | #
That is pretty funny, too bad it wasn't just a bit more serious.
Posted by Outlaw  on  03/21  at  05:14 AM | #
well I have to admit that was fun, thank you for sharing smile
Posted by  on  03/22  at  08:40 PM | #
What made this good was that she had NO idea what she was getting herself into. Hilarious, and she probably deserved it too.
Posted by  on  03/26  at  04:08 AM | #

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