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Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) spanked

I say do what you want to do, but if you are being presented as a role model then act like it.  She is 18 now, I say that bottom needs to be bared for a long and hard session with the strap or paddle.  Send Miss Cyrus to me, I will handle the business that it is clear that daddy is not.  A bruised bottom is clearly called for.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/05 at 11:33 PM


Absolutely...Miley's bottom should be set on fire with a long, thorough hairbrush spanking perhaps followed by a dose of the switch (seeing as she is a Southern girl...) She has grown up WAY too fast and is probably headed toward the Lindsay Lohan School of Career Self-Destruction. Perhaps a scorched seat might give her pause to reflect on what she is doing to herself and her family.
Just one man's thoughts (and of course, fantasy.)
Posted by  on  02/06  at  11:39 AM | #
I couldn't agree more, but there is another young lady who needs to go straight to the front of the line for the paddle or strap and that is Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay needs to be stripped nude, placed on her tummy on a flat padded rectangular table with a roll up piece of carpet under her hips, wrists and ankles securely fastened to each corner of the table.

I would say a good two dozen licks with a well worn and oiled razor strap from the small of her back to the tops of her thighs would be sufficient.

Prior to her whipping she would have to undergo a very humiliating full body cavity search, including vaginal and rectal search. Also, I might give her an enema and make her urinate beforehand. I wouldn't want her to piss or defecate on my whipping table.

What do you think?

Posted by  on  02/09  at  08:42 PM | #
Michael, while I agree that her behavior is sometimes questionable, I disagree with the spanking part. The beauty of adult spanking is that it is done consensually. Even nonconsensual adult spankings are hopefully done in a relationship where this sort of thing is agreed upon in advance.

on a side not, if you can get her to consent to it, I'd pay good money too see it!!!!
Posted by  on  02/14  at  09:47 AM | #
Could not agree more. I too would like to see Miss Cyrus get the paddling she deserves. Would serve as a warning to all the naughty girls out there who admire her to straighten up their acts.
Posted by Totzman  on  02/16  at  03:24 AM | #
Posted by  on  02/16  at  11:30 PM | #
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there an article floating around the net about her mother spanking her with a hairbrush while growing up and that in an interview her mother was quoted in saying that she still gets spanked to this day? Wish I could provide sources and details but does anybody else find that kind of interesting?

Posted by  on  02/17  at  12:44 AM | #

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