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Lexan Paddles



I first discovered lexan as a rock climber.  The company Nalgene made a 1 liter wide mouth bottle that quickly became a favorite with rock climbers.  The bottles are tough as hell and are easy to clip on to your pack.  But what is lexan?  Is was manufactured as a high strength glass replacement and it is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic.  It is commonly used in the aerospace industry as well as for bullet proofing applications.

It only makes sense that it would eventually find its was as a suitable material for spanking implements.  We have several lexan paddles that we use at the studio and they carry quite a sting.  You are able to achieve a much stronger paddle with lexan than wood, at a fraction of the thickness of wood.  This creates a paddle that hits with much more of a “smack” than a “thud”.  With as many wooden paddles that we break, lexan has been a good addition to our implements.

I find that even though the lexan paddles are much thinner than wood, our models still hate them.  The pain is unique and leaves quite a burning feeling.  For people whose skin breaks fairly easy under a hard paddling, lexan is a good alternative.  You can achieve the same level of discipline, as with a wooden paddle, without having to use the same amount of force.  With less weight behind the swing, the chance of skin breakage is reduced.  Another unique feature of lexan is the ability to view the full impact of a paddle swat, through the paddle.

There are several companies that sell lexan based spanking implements, one of our favorites being Hanson Paddle Werks.  This is one of the oldest online implement suppliers and we have always been happy with their products.

The picture above and the picture below are both from  As you can see in both pictures, it is possible to deliver a punishment that is quite severe with very little effort.  In the top picture, Michelle is being punished with a smaller lexan paddle and the results are clearly visible on her bottom.  In the picture below, Lori is getting paddled with our largest lexan paddle with holes.  Just as with a wooden paddle, the holes are beveled to eliminate sharp edges.  On this paddle, if you look closely, you will see that the holes are only beveled on one side.  With lexan being so thin, there is not much room to bevel both sides.  As a result, only one side of this paddle can be used for bare bottom spankings.  The non-beveled holes are too sharp for a forceful swat on bare skin and could easily cut the skin.



Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/18 at 10:51 AM


Mr. M, the Lexan paddles are by far some of my favorite spanking implements, especially among those in common use on your sites. I love watching punishments where they are a prime component for all the reasons that you mentioned, and from the reactions that their application engenders in the models (particularly those that have more difficulty receiving forceful discipline). I'm glad to hear that you're pleased their virtues, and I hope to see more sessions utilizing them in the future, with a variety of tops and bottoms involved. Thanks again for putting out your personal views and 'inside info' on your company's productions, and for soliciting feedback.

Posted by xMAAx  on  06/18  at  09:29 PM | #
^^ P. S. Mr. M, if you had the time and sufficient photos to start with, I think it would be great to have a 'Lexan implements' photo section on this blog, along with the nice categories you've already created and posted.
Posted by xMAAx  on  06/18  at  09:33 PM | #

Mr. M,

Here's another site which carries Lexan paddles. These are a bit different in design and shape.

Posted by  on  06/19  at  04:35 AM | #
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