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Kicked in the balls and spanked

Not sure if this is what started it all, or if this is the payback.  Part three from the two videos below.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/03 at 06:27 PM


Emmm K that was fucked up now wasn't?

I love playing games around the house with the girlfriend. But if I were to mash a pie in her face after I've delivered a hard swat, then she too would find a similar way to get back at me.

I'd say that dipshit had it coming after he pied her twice. I don't endorse the painful concept of any guy having to take a shot in the balls, but in this case he brought it on himself. That's also another reason why you need to always watch what is going on around you.

Posted by  on  11/04  at  04:48 PM | #
I agree with Razor, that was pretty f**ked up. Don't know who started it but that is no relationship to be in.
Posted by chasbro  on  11/10  at  08:57 PM | #

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