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Hard Paddling PPV

When it comes to the application of corporal punishment, while we all like a little fantasy at times, the scenes that have always fed my kink the most are the ones that feature very realistic spankings.  For me, this is often best expressed through a proper paddling administered over clothing. While many spanking scenes are based entirely on fantasies, a proper paddling, administered over jeans or yoga pants, is a daily occurrence in the schools throughout the South. This HD video runs 57 minutes and includes 15 hard paddling scenes that are administered with the purpose of fully eliminating the bad behavior.  Every scene features full force swats, without a warm-up, filmed from two different camera angles. While all the paddlings are administered over clothing, you get to see their bruised bare bottoms at the end of each scene.  Now available at Spanking Library and Clips4Sale.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 09/14 at 09:42 AM


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