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Group Spanking

With the addition of Kailee and Betty as full-time staff members, as well as them being able to spank or be spanked, it has further opened up our opportunities to film group scenes.  It is becoming more and more common for us to find ourselves shooting scenes with 4-5 five people in front of the camera.  It is nice to be able to better fill out a classroom set and fill every desk.  Over the last several weeks we have filmed many scenes with larger groups of girls and you will begin to see them appearing as updates in the coming weeks.  The picture below is from a scene we did recently that just appeared as an update for
.  The scene involved two “teachers” who were having problem with disciplinary issues in their classes.  Two “students” who were previously in trouble were brought to the office to demonstrate the effectiveness of hard corporal punishment with a wooden school paddle.  After both girls were paddled, they were dismissed and then the teachers were also paddled, so they had a better idea of the effects.


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With Jessica and Brandi, Claire and Jasmine, as well as Kailee and Betty, we have six full-time models on the staff.  It is very easy on any given day to bring in another 5-6 models.  I was thinking it would be a good start for the new studio to film a short feature or a pay-per-view event with a large group of girls.  I really like Lupas’s St. Thomas school for girls and have been considering doing something similar.  I thought the RS Institute would be a good setting for a scene in which all of the residents find themselves in trouble.  The entire group is lined up and one by one they each receive 6 severe swats on their panty covered bottoms with a large paddle.  After completion of the paddling, the dorm mom inspects everyone’s bottom and determines that the job is not complete.  The entire group is then lined up and they receive an additional six strokes on the bare as a group.  Once complete, the girls are all made to kneel for an extended period time.

This is simply my initial thoughts on the matter and I would love some input from all of you.  Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see in a short spanking feature that features 10-12 girls and one or two spankers.  In order for one person to effectively punish a group this large, the spanking needs to consist of a small amount of swats, delivered very forcefully.  Give it some thought and leave me a comment.  You never know, your fantasy scenario could become a reality for you to see.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/07 at 03:21 PM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites


Even if you didn't change a thing, i think that would be a great scene. Since it has to be a "fast" type of scene, i would like to see the girls in the classroom wearing normal clothes(jeans, sweaters, etc), then before the spanking, they're ALL called up and made to "STRIP AT ONCE, EVERYTHING, TAKE IT ALL OFF..NOW" Using a little embarrassment of the girls having to strip in front of each other and see each others naked bodies, have them try to be modest, and as LADY D does so well, force them to "uncover" themselves before being spanked. The though of a BUNCH of cute college age girls stripping is HOT! Its just not as hot to me, if they're stripping from a uniform.

Posted by  on  04/07  at  08:37 PM | #
Fantasy Scenario:
Disciplinarians: MrM and MissJ
Students: Kailee, Betty, Jasmine, Claire, Brandi, Jessica, Lori, Madison, Michelle, and Jennifer!

Crime: Caught trying to "escape" RSI.

Scenario: Prefects Kailee and Betty "assist" the other girls in trying to escape RSI by either 1. Being the lookouts, or 2. Being together in their room making out instead of supervising the girls. ~weg~ (This could be stated rather than shown if video time is a problem).

You and Miss J catch the girls trying to sneak out and one of you leads them into the Deans's office while the other goes looking for the prefects. They are then led into the Dean's office as well. The girls are told they can either be expelled and sent back to jail, or accept whatever punishment you and J deem appropriate. They all opt for the punishment. All girls are ordered to strip and line up. You sentence them to 6 swats each with one of your worst paddles. You and J take turns going down the line administering the swats. Kailee and Betty are then pulled out of the line and given 2 additional swats each because they are prefects. All of them are then made to stand, with their foreheads pressed against the wall and their bottoms out, and their arms behind their backs.

I would like to see some "attitude" as well. Kailee is great at this! I don't want to just see 10 girls "obeying" like robots... I want to see their anguish, their struggle to maintain position, discomfort, fear, etc. (Some may struggle, some may submit, some may cry right away, some may talk back). The point is I want to see the actual transition from spunkiness to submission and sorrow.

I know! I'm asking for a lot! LOL! If Miss.J. can't do the scene, then I would love to see LadyD in the role! cheese Hey! You did say "FANTASY" right???
Posted by  on  04/09  at  05:29 PM | #
Love the idea of group punishments. You did some great ones in the past with 3 or 4 girls that are still classics. I like the idea of a group paddling and one or more of the girls cover their bottom or can't stay in position so the group is lined up for a hand strapping and you just work your way down the line.
Posted by jamiea  on  04/13  at  03:40 PM | #
I would like to endorse the idea that all culprits should be totally nude for the final stages of the punishment - compulsory hands on head at the end facing the camera! Thanks
Posted by  on  04/14  at  09:49 AM | #
I think it can add to the atmosphere of realism if it includes women who aren't necessarily spanked at all. I saw a video recently entitled "Classroom Spankings," or something like that, where five girls were paddled but four or five others were just sitting in watching. I think this adds to the dramatic tension--you kind of wonder which ones are going to be singled out for the paddle, whereas in traditional spanking videos it's all too predictable. Could presumably make it a lot cheaper to produce as well! On the whole, though, great idea--to see the reactions of others as the spankings are taking place is half the fun.
Posted by  on  09/17  at  02:13 PM | #
Love the idea of group punishments,, But mainly for hand strapping and canning,, These scenes of punishment of hands are very few,,why there is no such site deal mainly with hand strap?
Posted by  on  12/13  at  12:15 PM | #

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